Strong together – Charity Beauty!

There are many examples of how people are now moving together and setting signs of solidarity. These include information platforms, special services and also very specific aid measures. Strong together is also the motto of Charity Beauty!

Answers to questions about health and well-being, family and leisure, or home and garden are provided, for example, by Nina Ruge, who interviews experts on the subject. We started with dermatologist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie, with whom we also produced our first podcast ?! And this is what Strong Together, Charity Beauty looks like…

Garnier is donating 1 million euros to support the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in its fight against the coronavirus. Garnier will also switch production from micellar water to cleansing hand gel as part of L’Oréal’s solidarity program. 1.7 million products will be distributed free of charge to retail partners such as drugstores and supermarkets. Employees will also receive thank-you packages containing L’Oréal products.

Strong together – masks urgently needed

French beauty company Sisley is distributing 100,000 masks. It also plans to import or produce more masks to give to hospitals or government agencies. Sisley has also already donated 500 protective garments and 10,000 hygiene products to medical and social service institutions near its production and logistics sites.

Charity Beauty – Health before beauty

Under the motto Health before Beauty, Beiersdorf is producing medical disinfectants within its European production network to support society’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic. As a first step, the company is making 500 tons of the urgently needed products available to central public institutions and emergency services.

In close cooperation with local authorities, the disinfection products will initially be made available primarily to clinics and hospitals, medical and nursing staff, and other public functions such as the police and fire departments on the basis of specific supply requirements. The aim is to ensure the fastest and most efficient possible delivery of the disinfection solutions directly from the factory to the emergency services.

Photos: Courtney-Hedger