Stop Smoking – Why smoking ages your skin

There are many good reasons to stop smoking. Of course, every smoker is aware that cigarettes are not healthy. However, not everyone realizes how smoking makes you look. Besides all the health concerns, the smoke we inhale every day makes us look really old – especially on our faces! We reveal why smoking ages the skin and what you can do about it.

Why smoking ages the skin

Pale, yellow-gray, simply unhealthy and without any glow – the skin of a smoker does not look very vibrant. This is mainly due to poor blood circulation. During smoking, the blood vessels in the skin constrict and deposits form. In addition, the carbon monoxide inhaled via tobacco smoke prevents the blood from transporting sufficient oxygen. The skin’s collagen fibers, which are responsible for its youthful freshness, also break down. The skin loses elasticity and fullness and slowly but surely says goodbye to the natural, healthy skin tone. Smoker’s skin becomes more and more stressed and becomes a “paradise” for wrinkles, folds and other signs of aging, such as pigment spots.

Goodbye smoker’s skin – how your skin recovers

To simply leave the glow stick away would be probably the most effective possibility. But if you just can’t keep your hands off cigarettes, you should at least follow a few tips to minimize the effects of smoking on your skin:

#1 Vitamins

Smoking is a real vitamin killer, because with every puff the body is flooded with skin damaging free radicals, which also attack the cells of the skin. The metabolism consumes about 40% more of vitamin C and other vitamins are also needed in higher intakes than normal. Therefore, pay attention to a balanced and vitamin-rich diet!

#2 Sun protection

Smoking in the sun? An absolute no-go! Because the skin-aging effects of UV rays act like a “wrinkle turbo” in smokers. Therefore, a high sun protection such as the SUN 50 sunscreen from M1 SELECT, is also particularly important.

#3 Circulation

With the help of regular peelings or massages, blood circulation can be stimulated. In this way, the top layer of skin is renewed and the skin looks less old.

#4 Hyaluronic acid

We all know them: smoker’s wrinkles. In smokers, these unsightly wrinkles often appear in the high-motion area – especially above and below the lip line. Injecting the plissé wrinkles with hyaluronic acid can provide a remedy and rejuvenate the overall appearance. Other skin aging can also be minimized with the help of fillers.

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