Stem cell cosmetics against wrinkles

When it comes to the topic of anti-aging, the word stem cells comes up more and more often. But what exactly are stem cells and what do they do in terms of rejuvenation?

The vision of stem cell researchers is the reprogramming of body cells so that, for example, diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s could be treated in the future. The mission: differentiated body cells are put into a kind of primal state so that different tissues can be grown from them – a path toward immortality.

Research in this field is already well advanced. For example, the Japanese scientist Shinya Yamanaka, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2012, has succeeded in using viruses to introduce four specific rejuvenation factors into skin cells, which then became an almost inexhaustible source of cells capable of reproduction and transformation. Functional neurons and muscle cells could be formed from the former fibroblasts.

Stem cells in cosmetics

The beauty industry is also approaching the topic of stem cell research. With increasing age, the activity of stem cells and fibroblasts (responsible for collagen formation) decreases and the environment of these cells also changes. However, these cells are important for a youthful skin appearance because, among other things, they ensure the renewal of the skin and its volume as well as the maintenance of elasticity. No wonder, then, that laboratories are searching for solutions to this problem.

Swiss dermatologist Sr. Levy calls biotechnologically optimized skin care products the “future of cosmetics” or the “cosmetics revolution.” “Our cells are like little machines. They not only remember their ‘youth’, they can also turn back time” explains aesthetic dermatologist Dr. Phillip Levy from Geneva.

Stem cell cosmetics, i.e. products based on findings from stem cell research, are all the rage. But do the new high-tech products actually deliver what they promise?

Effect of stem cell cosmetics

Experts from cosmetic laboratories are convinced that they have found the key to a successful anti-aging program. According to them, stem cells are so interesting because they are the source of all life and have the potential to regenerate weakening cells. Stem cells are found everywhere in the body: in the brain, in bone marrow, in fatty tissue and also in the basal layer of our skin. Unlike embryonic stem cells, which are found only in the early embryo, adult stem cells remain active in the body even after birth.

Theoretically, stem cells are also capable of repairing the skin throughout life and keeping it young: When a stem cell divides, a biological trick happens, the stem cell copies itself and produces a new skin cell at the same time. In the skin surface and subcutaneous fat tissue, these intelligent cells make an important contribution to constant renewal. Our skin is exposed to many stimuli such as the sun, environmental stress or minor injuries and must regenerate afterwards. As long as the stem cells are active and copy themselves, the skin remains firm and young. But at some point, activity slows down and skin renewal stalls (from about 28 days in youth to about 50 days in old age). So the challenge is to reawaken, preserve and protect the potential of these cells.

Dr. Levy – Plant Stem Cells

The brand “Dr. Levy Switzerland” completes the philosophy of the Swiss doctor, who is internationally known for his very special Botox treatments: to visually balance skin aging and delay surgical procedures. Dr. Levy relies on a special combination of active ingredients and intelligent technology as well as the effect of plant stem cells. This is intended to bridge the cell communication that is disturbed by increasing age and help the skin’s own stem cells to be more active again and produce new, fresh skin cells. Based on the latest research results, Dr. Levy uses argan stem cells. These are extracted in a patented and highly complex process. The robust plant is a beauty booster because it is able to protect itself from UV light and moisture loss. The stem cells are in the entire Dr. Levy Range:

The Celldeep cure

The Celldeep cure contains the brand’s bestsellers. The products contain Dr. Levy’s highly concentrated and patented stem cell complex. It is designed to stimulate the dermal stem cells of the skin and thus the collagen production of the skin.

Celldeep Cure contains:

3Deep Cleanser: A versatile multi-acid exfoliator that cleanses and brightens the skin.

Radical3 Reboot Pro Peel: The peel can also be used as an express mask. It cleanses and smoothes the skin. Can also be used for décolleté and hands.

Eye Booster Concentrate: A highly effective concentrate that helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and fine lines.

Booster Cream: A lightweight, moisturizing cream that provides long-lasting hydration to the skin.

Booster Serum: Dr. Levy’s Booster Serum is the hero product of his range. Using Dr. Levy’s patented active ingredient that activates dermal stem cells, it is designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Clinical studies have proven that fine lines were visibly reduced by up to 53 percent and skin firmness improved by up to 59 percent.