Spot on you – LED light against wrinkles

It’s a well-known fact that light brightens the mood and can even help against depression. But LED light can do even more: researchers at the University of Ulm have found that it also smoothes wrinkles.

When it comes to anti-aging, the artificial light business is booming. For a long time now, there have been more than just laser therapies against wrinkles, pigment disorders and the like. The first “light salon” has opened in London. In the luxury department store Harvey Nichols, you can now relax in the stylish ambience after your shopping spree and at the same time be beautified with LED light. Read here what the bundled light can do.

In the world’s top spas and in aesthetic cosmetics, LED light is conquering the treatment menus. The all-round talent helps against wrinkles and with acne. Scientists at the University of Ulm studied the use of LED light on the skin for nine weeks and found that it visibly reduced the depth of wrinkles and increased elasticity.

LED light is an all-rounder

In medical technology, LED lamps have been used for wound healing for 40 years. Blue light therapy helps against acne, and red and yellow light are used for wrinkles. “It destroys the fine, stable water film that encloses the elastic fibers of aging skin, causing them to stiffen,” explains Munich dermatologist Dr. Stefan Duve of the Skin and Laser Center at the Opera. “The light changes the structure so that the elastic fibers become more mobile again and the wrinkles are reduced as a result.”

In addition, the mitochondria, which are the small power plants in the cells, are stimulated to produce more energy. This in turn helps against the so-called collagenase, i.e. the breakdown of collagen. LED light is therefore a good anti-aging tool in terms of prevention – and without any side effects. RESULT: LED light has a relaxing effect and brings the skin a quick fresh-up like after a cosmetic treatment. COST: From 80 euros per session.

Lead photo: Mayer George/