SOS skin care tips for the winter

In the cold autumn and winter months, unfortunately, our skin really does not have it easy. Warm heating air dries it out, wind currents irritate it and the missing sun rays take away its color. Especially during this time of year, we are always annoyed that our skin appears rougher, paler and also more wrinkled. How can you keep your good mood despite Bad Skin Days? Our SOS skin care tips can help you.

1. Getting wrinkles under control in the long term with muscle relaxants

Wrinkles are typical manifestations of the aging process. Unfortunately, their formation cannot be completely prevented even by human intervention. Due to external influences, as is often the case in the cold months, fine lines can also appear and deepen at an early stage. However, there is no reason to despair. Those who decide to have wrinkles – such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines or crow’s feet – injected with muscle relaxant can not only benefit from a direct smoothing of the wrinkles, but the active ingredient also prevents the wrinkles from forming again.

2. The miracle cure hyaluronic acid straight from the jar

The be-all and end-all for the protection of healthy skin in the cold months is enrich skin care. Increasingly, many creams and skin care products are enriched with hyaluronic acid to provide the skin with long-term moisture. The M1 SELECT PURE RICH CREAM convinces with twice the power of hyaluronic acid and impresses with a combination of high molecular hyaluronic acid and super hyaluronic acid. Unlike many other hyaluronic creams, it achieves optimal moisture retention due to the hyaluronic acid mix and also works in deeper skin layers. The perfect skin care for the cold season!