So easy goes good skin care in the cold season

In the cold season, we not only have to struggle with the weather, but our skin also often reacts irritably to the additional stresses that minus temperatures, icy wind and dry heated air bring with them.

However, not every skin type behaves in the same way. Those who suffer from Seborrhea (oily skin) suddenly no longer has any problems with it in winter, but instead struggles with dry, scaly eczema – because he still uses the same care products as in August.

Even more problematic are skin types that are already prone to dryness and resulting wrinkles in summer. In the cold season, our largest organ needs more attention and often another skin carethan during the summer months. With a few tricks it is quite simple to bring our skin through the winter in one piece.

Watch your skin and adjust the care routine

Anti-spot products, which are just right in spring when not only blossoms and grasses but also skin impurities sprout, can dry out the skin too much in winter. Anyone who suffers from skin impurities should use mild but very thorough cleansing products such as micellar water and provide their skin with sufficient moisture. Suitable for this purpose is for example fat-free aloe vera gel from the pharmacy.

A special cream can be applied around the eyes. Here the skin is particularly thin. Dryness wrinkles therefore form very quickly. Those who generally tend to have dry skin will find that this problem worsens in winter. To relieve the skin should richer skin care products used and two or three times a week a nourishing mask should be applied. At the same time, the neck and décolleté should be not forgotten should not be forgotten. Although turtlenecks and scarves keep you nice and warm, they are particularly hard on the skin in these areas.

Do not forget your hands and feet

Hands, which are either constantly cold in winter or irritated by gloves, also suffer more than usual during the cold season. Treat them calmly from time to time a special skin care in the form of a hand care mask. Also skin oil, especially Wild Rose Oil, for the face, which is best applied in the evening before bedtime, keeps your hands soft and supple. And what applies to the hands also applies to the feet. While in the summer they can be worn in sandals or light ballerinas. enjoy plenty of fresh air, they are often stuck in thick boots during the winter and yet are constantly damp and cold. Feet therefore also need extra care, although you don’t necessarily have to buy special products. What is good for the hands is usually also good for the feet. Just give it a try.

Skin care needs to be skilful, especially in winter

A hot bath is the highlight of many cold autumn and winter days. Bathing is a blessing for body and soul. Hardly anything has a more relaxing effect than a soothing full bath by candlelight and classical music. In order for your skin to benefit from this, you should follow a few rules. The bath water must not too hot and should not exceed 39 degrees Celsius. Basically, the hotter the water, the stronger the drying effect on the skin. This effect you can with a few little tricks counteract. Do not add a bubble bath to the water, but rather two pounds of sea salt or special bath salt from the Dead Sea. The minerals in the salt accumulate in the skin and help it retain moisture better.

You can increase the effect of the salt bath if you additionally use a tablespoon Coconut oil add to the water. Afterwards, the skin not only smells intoxicating, it is also silky soft and supple. Even rough elbows feel smooth and soft again afterwards. Nevertheless, you should not stay in the water for longer than twenty minutes. Afterwards, it’s best to put on a fluffy bathrobe and lie down for half an hour so that your circulation can return to normal.

What to do if nothing helps?

If the skin causes problems despite regular adequate care, for example, skin impurities form or an incipient Couperose you should consult a specialist as soon as possible. Dr. med. Martha Bernard has a lot of experience in treating such skin problems with the BBL (Broad Band Light). The laser can be used particularly gently on the skin. She will be happy to answer your questions about this modern and very effective method of skin care in a personal consultation.