Small intervention – big change

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Who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves? According to science, the desire for constant change is an integral part of our development. Constant variety and regular change – whether internal or external – are the keys to a fulfilling life, according to researchers. Change doesn’t always come at a great cost when it comes to improving one’s appearance. We reveal below which minimally invasive treatments can be used to achieve a change in look.

Lip augmentation with hyaluron

Anyone who says that lips don’t have an impact on one’s appearance is clearly wrong. The best example of this is Kylie Jenner: the extra volume in her lips seems to have had an effect on her entire appearance. From a girl to an attractive woman.
The reasoning behind this is that full lips are a sign of femininity and sensuality. They contribute to the general symmetry of the face and make the overall appearance more harmonious.

Treatment of the chin

The chin is the boundary between the face and neck and plays, contributes directly to the contour of the face. If the chin does not represent a clear separation between the neck and the face, it is called a receding chin. Those who have a receding chin often suffer from the fact that the facial proportions seem disproportionate to each other and there are no clear contours. Chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid can restore the lack of definition and create a harmonious profile. Whether the chin is in balance with the rest of the face can be seen by the fact that the forehead and chin should be at the same level in the side profile.

Facial Slimming with muscle relaxant

A narrow and defined face is currently very trendy. Those who have a wide face either have their genes to thank for this, or an excessive expression of the masseter muscle, also called masseter. Nightly grinding or frequent chewing of gum are things that make the masseter muscle grow and thus make the face appear wider.
Fortunately, there is a treatment that visually narrows the face: facial slimming treatment with muscle relaxants. In this procedure, muscle relaxants are injected into the masseter muscle to temporarily paralyze it. By paralyzing the muscle, it does not continue to build up – on the contrary, there is even a reduction in the volume of the masseter muscle, which makes the face look generally narrower and more defined.

Rhinoplasty with hyaluron

The central position of the nose in our face explains why a crooked nose has an effect on our overall appearance. If the size, shape or contour of a nose does not match the rest of the face, the harmonious interaction of the individual facial features that many desire does not result. The missing harmony can be created by a nose correction with hyaluronic acid.

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