Slow aging foods – these 5 foods slow down the aging process.

It is nothing new that nutrition and health are connected. Healthy eating habits can also have a positive effect on the skin. We have selected 5 ingredients that support the skin and slow down the aging process:

#1 Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B1, C and E and the free antioxidant lycopene, which neutralizes free radicals in the skin. In addition, tomatoes contain other important substances, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Together, these substances make a valuable mix for skin health and thus slow down the aging process or the formation of wrinkles.

#2 Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges or grapefruits, have a high vitamin C content, which makes them effective in neutralizing free radicals and oxidative stress. The high water content of citrus fruits also has a positive effect on the skin, as it moisturizes it.

#3 Turmeric

Turmeric, also known as turmeric, contributes to a regulated sebum balance and neutralizes free radicals in the skin through the active ingredient curcumin and various antioxidants. Turmeric can be used in many ways and thus easily incorporated into the daily diet.

#4 Onions

Especially in the outer skins, onions contain a whole range of antioxidants (e.g. quercetin). These are better absorbed by the body than any supplements and can be easily incorporated into any diet.

#5 Avocados

Due to the high content of vitamins A and E, avocados are among the foods that preserve the volume and elasticity of the skin. The unsaturated fats contained in them cushion the skin from the inside and thus prevent the formation of wrinkles.

In addition to using certain ingredients, it is also beneficial to avoid certain foods as we age, which otherwise have a negative effect on the skin: studies show that a diet high in fatty and processed meats, saturated fats, refined grains, salt and sugar generally has a negative effect on overall health and skin.