Sleep is the new sex

That sleep is the new sex, claims American futurologist Marian Salzman. A full-bodied assertion. However, it has been proven that sleep makes us sexy and young. Does it also help against sleep disorders?

The American woman became famous because she invented the term “metrosexual” for men who manicure their hands or use kohl. Now she postulates: A few hours alone in bed – that beats any orgasm. Really?

At least, the quality of sleep and beds – whether at home or in a hotel – is increasingly being talked about at parties and events. In luxury hotels, special “Pillow Menus” with a wide selection are becoming more and more common. Because not all pillows are the same! In contrast to conventional cotton covers, silk pillows, for example, have many advantages: they prevent the drying of the skin, the formation of wrinkles (“crumple zone”) and the matting of hair. The right pillow can even help with sleep disorders.

The Austrian traditional house Hefel Bed & Sleep has developed with “My Face” in addition to pillows for stomach or side sleepers even a special beauty pillow. As a world first, the innovative company now presents the fiber Nexus, which is to support the body during sleep in regeneration and against sleep disorders. According to sleep expert Ulrike Hefel, the fiber stimulates the metabolism, boosts blood circulation and supports the immune system. Detox and balance during the night, so to speak.

What to do in case of sleep disorders?

It is scientifically proven that deep sleep is still one of the most important youth makers. During the night an effective repair program is running. Hormones are primarily responsible for this process. The effect is effective anti-aging: the pulse is lowered, the body temperature drops, the organism relaxes and gathers new strength. Only the cells now work at full speed: during the nightly repair program, the growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is released, which supports the regeneration of the entire organism. In addition, melatonin fights free radicals, which are responsible for aging processes. Oxygen molecules from the blood move into the tissues and are needed for energy metabolism and the synthesis of new biomaterial. In this way, energy stores can be replenished overnight, but also harmful substances can be broken down well and sleep disorders can be reduced.

New sleep drink with herbs

To make it happen, there’s another innovation. “Snoooze” is a lifestyle drink that is supposed to help with sleep disorders with a mixture of herbs such as lime blossom, California poppy or passion flower. Snooze comes in regular and strong variants, and can be tested for free via Snoooze as an introduction. Sleep may not be the new sex, but it’s certainly one of the best anti-aging remedies around.

Photo: Svyatoslava Vladzimirska/