Skin tightening without surgery with brand new tool Potenza

Smoother, firmer and more beautiful without invasive surgery? That’s what new, innovative beauty treatments can do. Outpatient, low-risk, virtually painless and without incisions. This is how skin tightening works without surgery!

Suddenly the day comes when wrinkles appear deeper than usual. The contours are more blurred and the skin on the face and body no longer looks as firm as usual. But do you have to go under the knife? Today, doctors have plenty of gentle but effective methods up their sleeves that smooth the skin in no time at all, in short: turn back the aging clock by a few years. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie explains how the brand new Potenza tool for skin tightening works without surgery!

Potenza – ever heard of it? Potenza is not a medical sexual enhancer. Behind the term is rather an innovative radiofrequency therapy for skin tightening without surgery.

This procedure is cutting-edge and combines the best of two proven treatment approaches: Radiofrequency and Microneedling. “The marriage of two old acquaintances, that is, two proven technologies in aesthetic medicine,” explains dermatology specialist Dr. Patricia Ogilvie. Her practice in Munich is one of the first addresses to use Potenza.

Brand new tool

The innovative technology was developed for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening and scar correction. What is behind it, how does Potenza work and for which indications is it used?

It is impossible to imagine aesthetic medicine without radiofrequency therapy – just like microneedling. Both are considered wonder weapons when it comes to skin rejuvenation.

The aim of the treatment is to tighten the skin and, if necessary, even smaller fat deposits to reduce. The tightening effect is created in particular by radiofrequency technology. “The heat spreads both into the surface and into the depth of the area to be treated. This results in the so-called Collagen Shrinking, the collagen and elastin fibers contract, cell renewal is stimulated and the skin is smoothed, wrinkles are visibly reduced as a result,” emphasizes Dr. Ogilvie. Potenza, so to speak, stimulates the skin to regenerate itself from within.

“Microneedling, in turn, leads to surface tightening, which is why the combination is an optimal marriage between two partners, the best of both worlds, so to speak,” says the dermatologist.

Skin tightening without surgery

Different regions can be treated, such as the lower and middle face, neck, décolleté, eye and lip area, as well as virtually all body regions, upper arms, abdomen back, thighs, knees and buttocks.. The treatment of the eye and temple region for the foxy eye look á la Bella Hadid is particularly popular at the moment, as is Jawline Conturing, which focuses on tightening the chin line and slimming the lower face for a more youthful and feminine V-shape.

Are there contraindications? “Excluded are people with pacemakers or other electronically controlled implants. Pregnant women are also not allowed to be treated,” explains the dermatologist for the use of the state-of-the-art tool, for which there is FDA approval and CE certification.

Concentrated energy precisely applied

And what’s so special about this device? Dr. Ogilvie: “There is an incredible amount of variation, just five steps of how deep the needles penetrate the tissue and two different arrangements of the needles. You can also choose the intensity of the radiofrequency.”

Woman with light and shadow

And further: “With this special technology, the needles are inserted into the skin with a handpiece according to the selected penetration depth and the needle tips emit a radio frequency heat pulse there. The tissue is sustainably tightened from a deep level without stress or damage. Compared to conventional microneedling, this treatment is virtually bloodless. The needles for microneedling are so thin that the traces of the punctures are usually not visible. Immediately following a treatment, only swelling and slight redness may be visible, which should disappear after a few days. By then, the skin may feel like it has been slightly sunburned.”

Procedure of the treatment with Potenza

First, the face is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected, then a topical anesthetic is applied. The treatment itself then lasts, depending on the indication 30 to 60 minutes, whereby the device is placed precisely on the respective skin area.

The fine needles of the handpiece set calculated points of injury, stimulating the skin to regenerate. At the same time, they serve to transmit radiofrequency energy. Potenza thus conducts high-frequency electromagnetic waves into the deeper layers of the tissue. Vibrations of the water molecules in the cells are converted into frictional energy – and thus into heat. Our fibroblast cells respond by stimulating the formation of new collagen fibers. The strengthened support structure of the skin can even out irregularities, large pores, scars or stretch marks. Even active acne can be treated with Potenza.

Side effects and risks of the therapy

After treatment, the skin is somewhat reddened, swelling and bruising may occur. Sensitivity disorders are very rare, but they disappear within two weeks. In the week following the treatment, avoid sauna, sunbathing and self-tanning. Although the skin does not become more sensitive to light as it does after laser treatments, effective light protection should still be applied. Otherwise, the freshly formed skin may show slight discoloration. These usually disappear again. However, you can prevent this from the outset by applying a sunscreen outdoors.

Result and cost of facelift Without surgery

The Result is finally visible after about two to three months, as the skin needs this period of time to regenerate sustainably. Cost From about 500 euros.