Skin care 3.0 – more energy thanks to new technology

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After theoretically dealing with neuroscience and the interaction between skin and brain, I am excited about the Shiseido products with new “ReNeura Technology” and start my test. In any case, the promise is great…

Depending on your skin type, there’s a moisturizer (for normal or dry skin), a gel cream (for normal or oily skin), or a day cream with SPF 20 (daily protection from UV rays). I choose the care cream for normal to dry skin, which should work 24 hours.

What makes me particularly curious: special microspheres are supposed to stimulate the sensory receptors of my skin. Combined are the mechanical active ingredients with biological active ingredients. “The biological effect is ensured by the “Ashitaba alpha extract”. It protects the cellular energy system and enables transmission to the nerves and thus to the brain. This activates the absorption of the care products and sustainably improves skin regeneration” explains Dr. Nathalie Broussard, member of the Shiseido Scientific Team.

Sensual experience

I open the pearl-colored tin and am pleasantly surprised by the sensual scent of the cream: no wonder, because in principle Shiseido has been intensively involved in neuroscience for over 20 years, especially in connection with the Aromachology. The fragrance and also the texture of the subtle pink cream is incredibly delicate and pleasant. Another novelty in the beauty world: the jars come in 64 different combinations of eight differently shaped lids and pots, inspired by the Raku Ceramics, which is used in the Japanese tea ceremony .

But the clue is yet to come, because Shiseido has developed a so-called ReNeura Touch application method developed. Or put another way: with appropriate facial massage, the whole thing is supposed to work much better.

A video explains how this technique looks like: In the first step, the skin sensors are activated by large circular movements from the chin to the forehead. In the second step, the skin sensors are stimulated by smaller circular movements, primarily in the lower half of the face. In the third step, the effect can be further optimized by pressing points on the forehead, nose, temples and chin. In the fourth step, the skin and brain are activated by gently tapping the face with your fingertips. How it works exactly here the video!

I really love how my skin feels immediately after application. Smooth and full of moisture. After a week, my skin looks pleasantly relaxed with a new glow – and I ask myself one question: Maybe the magic touch the difference?

“Day Cream SPF 20” from approx. 60 euros, “Moisturizing Cream” from approx. 60 euros, “Moisturizing Gel Cream” from approx. 60 euros

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto

Lead image: Shiseido, PR Stills