Skin and brain – an important team

Neuroscience is in vogue. Whether it’s sending monks into the lab to research the effect of meditation or unraveling the mystery of empathy with mirror neurons, a closer look at our nervous system is worthwhile – even in cosmetics. Is this the beginning of a new era in skin care?

I am a literary scientist. So the likelihood that I would have to deal with a natural science as part of my academic training was more than remote. But it happened. Because the Neuroscience are currently finding their way everywhere, including into German studies, where it is suddenly possible to explain that we can generate empathy through narratives (this is then called narrative empathy). And the neurosciences are now also providing the added value in the beauty sector that we have had to wait long enough for. Because yes: skin and brain belong together. Shiseido has discovered this for itself and deciphered it together with the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard Cutaneous Biology Research Center. Do the results of this research represent a new dimension in skin care?

In principle, neuroscience investigates how our nervous system works. This is highly complex and with 800,000 sensory receptors the most important communication system of our body. Our skin “speaks”, so to speak, with our brain and this is exactly what the care line now uses Essential Energy by Shiseido. However, research has shown that skin overburdened by environmental influences and stress is no longer able to absorb all the information and react to it. Not only does the pure number of sensors decrease, they are also less responsive.

Interrupted communication

At the same time, the nerve fibers responsible for transmitting messages to the brain also slow down. As a result, the connection between the brain and the skin is broken. The messages no longer arrive, the skin loses its responsiveness and cannot absorb the care used.

“The ‘ReNeura Technology’ we have developed helps the skin to improve communication with the nervous system,” says Dr. Nathalie Broussard, Shiseido Scientific Communication Manager. She goes on to explain that this makes the skin more receptive to skincare products and able to the active ingredients make better use of them. Only through touch can biological processes be activated. So beauty through caressing? Sounds good. But how exactly can it work? I will test. The report on this will be online on 23.4!

Text: Dr. Daniela Otto

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