Skin aging and the role of collagen

In the skin are found, among other things, numerous Collagen and elastin fibers. On the one hand, these ensure the stability of the skin, but at the same time they are also responsible for elasticity. The fibers support the storage of water in the skin, making it appear firmer and more youthful. However, as the skin ages, the proportion of these fibers decreases.

This is a natural process that gradually makes the skin look wrinkled and dry. It is difficult to influence this process, as it is pre-programmed in the genes of every person. Genetic reasons for skin aging are called intrinsic factors are mentioned. However, external influences, i.e. extrinsic factors, play a role, first and foremost UV radiation. Skin damage and skin aging caused by solar radiation are also referred to as Photo-aging. There are many other environmental influences that can delay or accelerate skin aging and will be presented below.

A healthy lifestyle is good for your skin

The most important factor that can be influenced is lifestyle. Smoking and alcohol cause the skin to age prematurely and people to appear tired and tense. The toxins contained are harmful to the cells and may even alter the Hormone Status. This also has a not inconsiderable influence on the appearance of the skin, especially in women.

Another point is the Sun exposure. The less one is exposed to solar radiation, the less the skin suffers. Nevertheless, one should pay attention to a minimum amount of sun, because otherwise a serious vitamin D deficiency threatens, which is also harmful to health. Due to the UV radiation of the sun, the skin dries out and loses elasticity. In addition, free radicals are formed, which can damage the skin cells.

Exposure to UV radiation for too long or too much exposure results in sunburn, which is significant skin damage. During the healing process it can lead to Pigmentary disorders which become noticeable as unsightly spots. These no longer disappear, but only become somewhat weaker in the course of life. So the best treatment is to prevent them from appearing in the first place, by avoiding situations with high and long exposure to the sun and by regularly using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor.

In addition, UV radiation can cause DNA damage can occur, damaging the cell and causing irregularities in the skin’s appearance. In the worst case, this can even trigger cancer.

Also excessive Stress can increase skin aging, especially if it is chronic stress. Especially in combination with a unbalanced, unhealthy diet unattractive consequences for the skin occur. A calm, healthy lifestyle together with an appropriate diet is one of the most important points to delay skin aging and protect the skin. This also has a preventive effect on other diseases.

Protection against malignant tumors

Skin aging and skin lesions can be associated with malignant growths. Long-term sun exposure can lead to cell damage and to Skin Tumors lead. Moles can also become malignant with age. Common degenerations are Basaliomas and Squamous cell carcinomas. Both forms of cancer are promoted by sun exposure and skin aging. In the case of conspicuous changes, a presentation to a doctor should therefore be made immediately in order to be able to recognize and treat dangerous diseases in good time.

Dr. Bernard can perform surgical removal of the affected area of skin in the case of such changes, without causing large or disturbing scars. This is one of the areas in which the practice specializes and has years of experience.