Simply cream away wrinkles under the eyes?

Most people take it for granted that we take care of our face every day. But our eyes are often neglected. And this despite the fact that the eyes perform at their best every day. We blink about 15,000 times a day and should pay special attention to the sensitive skin around them so that no wrinkles appear under the eyes.

Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask by Shiseido. The pads contain, among other things, vitamin A, which is retinol (soothes wrinkles under the eyes), thistle and pine extract (tightens the skin) and work with ReNeura Technology, which revitalizes the skin. Why it’s my star: put it on for 10 minutes and under-eye wrinkles are diminished, the eye area is plumped up and skin looks rosy-soft. Plus: You can also use the pads as a lip mask (Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Express Eye Mask by Shiseido, 12×2 pieces, approx. 55 euros).

When it comes to fighting not only the wrinkles under the eyes, I use Ampoule Serum Concentrates Precious Collection by Babor. The ampoules of the 7-day treatment detoxify the skin in the first days, powering up cellular activity; in phase 2, the skin is smoothed and polyphenols tighten it; in the last two days, tara shrub and rockrose bush extracts provide a lift and glow. Why it’s my star: Just what I need when I know a 10-minute mask won’t help my gray, tired skin and there’s no visit to the beautician in sight. Pssst. Sometimes I also use the Platinum Lift ampoule as a beauty booster before an appointment (Ampoule Serum Concentrates Precious Collection by Babor 7x2ml; approx. 45.00 euros).

More luxury for eye care is hardly possible. Like all products from Sensai’s Ultimate line, this cream is enriched with the “Sakura Eternal Complex”. Ultimate The Eye Cream also contains two other very special ingredients, Yuzu Extract and Bukuryo Extract. When the night has become particularly short Ultimate The Eye Cream helps me against dark circles and puffiness. Small wrinkles are smoothed. (15 ml approx. 380 euros).

Valmont Hydra 3 Eye. The moisturizing eye care emulsion from Valmont reliably supplies the skin with its fine texture. Moisturizes. Its 3-step chronohydration ensures a youthful eye contour and a unique pepitd helps to soften the appearance of dark under-eye wrinkles and make them disappear (Valmont Hydra 3 Eye, 15ml, approx. 108.00 euros).

Age Repair Eye Cream Tetra-Peptide & Centella by Grown Alchemist. Going for a walk and again no sunglasses with you or sitting at the computer all day – situations in which you squint your eyes and additionally stress the already sensitive skin around the eyes, there are many. It contains centella, an extract of water navel herb, which even cares for scars and especially mature skin. Why it is my star: it softens and tightens the skin, has a decongestant effect and soothes it in case of irritation. Thanks to its texture, it is perfect for contact lens wearers (Age Repair Eye Cream Tetra-Peptide & Centella by Grown Alchemist15ml, cc. 50 euros).