Silent Inflamation – the cause of many diseases

Lack of energy, weight problems, osteoporosis: the reasons are often chronic inflammations in the body. Known as “silent inflammations,” these inflammatory foci often go undetected – with fatal consequences for health. And even for beauty.

Inflammations are never pleasant, but they make biological sense – provided they are acute. Then these are part of the natural physical healing process. Triggers are germs, microbes or injuries to which the organism reacts. The body defends and protects itself by releasing the Immune system activated. After a few days, everything is normally over and the stress for the organism is over.

However, a problem arises when Inflammation are no longer acute, but chronic and continue to smolder at a low level. These so-called “silent inflammations” often lie dormant in the body and are the cause of serious health complaints – complaints that are becoming increasingly common, especially in the affluent western society. Reason enough to no longer remain silent about these “silent” inflammations, because the need for education is immense. “In general medical awareness, understanding of these complex chronic inflammations is far from having arrived,” says Dr. Jochen Henn, who practices as an internist at Tegernsee.

Pure Arctic Oil against chronic inflammation

After all can chronic inflammation behind many modern symptoms of disease are stuck: More and more people, especially young ones, feel permanently tired, lacking energy or even depressed. Also Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, allergies, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, bowel and lung disease, obesity, and even carcinogenesis can be triggered by persistent inflammation. As Dr. Henn explains, many cases of disease that were often previously thought to be purely psychosomatic complaints were dismissed, have since been attributed to chronic inflammation.

All chronic inflammatory diseases can be traced back to a Overreaction of the immune system to the immune system: The body is on permanent alert, is in permanent attack mode. This is usually not visible, but clearly noticeable. The body needs a lot of energy for its efforts, but this energy invested in defense is then lacking elsewhere: We feel tired and worn out. Dr. Henn: “One of the main causes is our lifestyle, especially our diet, which among other things causes the Ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids gets out of balance and inflammation can spread.” Helping to combat this are high-quality nighttime supplements such as. Pure Arctic Oil. Find out what else you can do about it and why “silent inflamations” make us look old in the long run on Feb. 11, 2019.