Shape lips with hyaluronic acid

The topic of shaping lips has become one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine. The trend and the desire for full, beautiful lips is also booming in the social networks. But Attention: Why Lip injections are a sensitive topic and it can even lead to lifelong complications Sonja Sattler, M.D., explains in a video interview.

“Every serious doctor knows that constantly shaping lips with hyaluronic acid can lead to scarring changes under the skin will lead and then no longer correctable is. We are pleased to be able to accompany our lip patients naturally,” says Dr. Sattler.

How to prevent “made looking” lips?

“Most of the time we manage to bring patients back to reality by taking photos. It is especially important to take an original photo before treatment, when the lips are still in their natural state. However, there are often patients who have already been treated and sometimes have unnatural and unaesthetic lips. In these cases it is useful dissolve all the material, for example, with hyaluronidase, and then discuss what can be done based on the actual condition.”

Do you also turn down patients:in case of excessive requests?

“Absolutely, because even the most ‘normal’ patient:in doesn’t realize when he looks at himself in the mirror every day that he is out of reality and looks exaggerated. That’s why you have to try to make the patients look better through old photos and comparison photos to bring them back to reality. If people are then not insightful and want something treated at all costs, then we refuse treatment, because then we don’t fit together.”

Getting your lips shaped at 20. Is that a problem?

“Unfortunately, at this age, price plays a big role and patients:inside operate ‘doctor hopping’This means that the doctors change again and again. In this case it is very dubious to inject ‘1ml of something’ into the lips again and again. There are materials that unsuitable for the lips are and also still cause problems after years can cause problems, for example granulomas (nodular tissue formations). Therefore, if the wrong material was present once in the many years, this can cause a lifelong catastrophe remain with regular cortisone injections. One should therefore especially with the lips pay attention to who they are treated by and with what material..”

How long does the result last?

“The durability varies. We first use a soft hyaluronic acid product, which is circa up to half a year lasts. If a more cross-linked hyaluronic acid product is used, this will last up to one year.”

How often can you have your lips shaped with hyaluronic acid?

“In general, you should not overdo it and get not more often than twice a year have his lips treated. However, you can also use other treatments to beautify your lip, for example, hydrate the lip skin or remove the lip wrinkles above the Lip with botulinum toxin treatwithout always having to treat the lip muscle and the thin membrane of the lip with a large treatment. Each treatment with an injection can cause fibrosis or scarring.”

What is a “lip flip”?

“This is the Botulinum toxin treatment on the edge of the lips of the upper lip when you get the first lip wrinkles. This does not paralyze the mouth, but it does slow down the wrinkling a bit and a slight brake in the upper muscle layer leads to a ‘letting go’ of the lip. This ‘letting go’ also creates more visible volume.”

What can you do if something has gone wrong?

“If it’s a pure hyaluron. dissolve again and can also anti-inflammatory drugs so that the nodules are broken down. Most patients are therefore very grateful that it goes away completely. Therefore, we can recommend every younger patient or any lip patient to have a close look, where to go for treatment and always ask with what material this is done.”