Sexy cleavage – here are the professional care tips

Every year: The Oktoberfest is just around the corner, high time to put the décolleté in the limelight. Everyone knows that the skin on the décolleté and neck needs special care. But how do I care for this sensitive skin properly? What new products are available? Which sports have the best anti-aging effect? Which of the many professional tips are the best, and which can I believe?

After all, you can do so many things wrong… But also right. Time for a check to compile the most effective tips for a firm and beautiful décolleté.

Creaming: Do not massage – the tissue can easily be overstretched. Spread creams, lotions, etc. only with gentle stroking movements from the bottom up or gently pat them in. And don’t forget the neck. Not only the front part needs care, but also the back area. If you want to make it perfect: pamper the earlobes with a little cream at the same time.

Sleep: The truth is that sleeping on your side or stomach can cause wrinkles earlier. Back sleepers do not have this risk. Therefore, those who can should sleep on their back. Or use special sleep pads that keep the skin tight and moisturized at the same time.

Décolleté care: serums and masks

Serums: that need neck and décolleté as well as the complexion. Serums penetrate deeper into the tissue and therefore have a stronger effect than “only” creams. In a pinch, mix 1 to 2 drops of serum with the day or night cream, but of course the effect is not as effective.

Masks: Once a week, treat the neck and décolleté to a mask that contains important nutrients. If you want to achieve a more intensive effect, simply leave the mask on overnight. It is best to prepare the skin with a particularly gentle peeling.

Showers: Yes, it’s old news, but it can’t be said often enough: alternating showers tighten connective tissue and stimulate circulation. Result: a rosy fresh complexion.

Workouts against décolleté wrinkles

Sports: The most effective are rowing, kickboxing and breaststroke.

Workout: Stand in front of a wall with legs closed and slightly bent, about 20 inches away. Extend arms forward at shoulder height and support with hands. Bend elbows and extend face forward close to wall. Return to starting position. Repeat 2x 30 times each. Important: wear a special sports bra while exercising!

BRA: Too lush push-ups make for many, many small cleavage lines because the breasts are compressed too much. Most women also unfortunately wear the wrong bra – straps too wide or too thin, wrong cup size, etc, so get advice at a specialty store.

Posture: Just as old-fashioned as alternating showers, but you can’t repeat this often enough either: head up, back straight and chest out.

With high-tech peptides, an OPC complex (special anti-oxidant active ingredients) and hydro-power ingredients: décolleté perfection by Reviderm (50ml, 79.50 euros).

Firms the skin and makes it look fresh: Immune Décolleté Patch by Klapp. Cleanse the décolleté, apply tonic and place the patch on the décolleté and leave on for approx. 30 to 40 minutes. Remove residues with water. (1 patch 9 Euro)

Regenerates, nourishes and tightens: ReDesign Decolleté from the Phyris Re line. Matrix peptides, camellia seeds, mangosteen and red algae extract work in the cream. (50ml, 34 euros)

Please a serum! The complexion gets an anti-aging serum in the morning and in the evening. Why not the neck and décolleté, too? They deserve it! With two skincare steps at once, BioEffect’s EGF + 2A Daily Duo reduces signs of aging. Step 1 boosts elastin production and plumps up the skin. Step 2 protects against free radicals and reduces redness. ( 30ml, 195 euros)

The exclusive Anti-Photowrinkle System with the nourishing aquatic plant extract Chlorella, gives the skin a feeling of firmness and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, lines, roughness and dryness in the area of these sensitive skin areas. Concentrated Neck Contour Treatment by Shiseido (50ml, 79€).

Fine aromas of orchids, plums and apricot notes not only pamper the skin, but also the senses. The gel-like texture provides a noticeable lifting effect and supple skin as soon as it is applied. Cellular Performance Body Care Throat & Bust Effect (100ml, 94€)

Chanel le lift

The cuddly silk protein combined with another active ingredient ensures that the skin is hydrated all night and the next morning is smoothed, plumped and incredibly soft. Le Lift Mask by Chanel (75ml at 94€)

sisley phytobuste + décolleté

The care effect unfolds in the fluid from Sisley in three ways. On the one hand, it provides a firming immediate effect, which acts like a rejuvenating cure for the bust. On the other hand, the fluid offers long-term firming with regular use. And on top of that, the fluid saturates the sensitive skin in the décolleté area with moisture and provides it with valuable restorative substances. PHYTOBUST + décolleté by Sisley (50ml at 172€)

Text: Conny Eyssen

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