Sensai facial care – silk cosmetics is more than a beauty trend

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Silk cosmetics for silky skin. Sounds plausible and is much more than a marketing promise. Silk is a true multi-talent when it comes to anti-aging and is in Sensai facial care. What exactly silk brings to the skin, you can learn here:

Many anti-aging ingredients and treatments have been discovered rather by chance, as a “side effect” so to speak. Purely by chance, a Japanese man also discovered the nourishing and skin-smoothing effect of silk in the 1960s. The silk spinners of the Kanebo company had particularly delicate and well-groomed hands compared to cotton spinners. The idea of silk cosmetics for Sensai facial care was born.

A lot has happened since then. Not only have the Japanese always had a very special demand for beauty, but science and research have also worked tirelessly on innovations when it comes to silk cosmetics.

The fascinating effect of silk in skin care is also the basis for the success of Japanese luxury cosmetics and more than a beauty trend. In 1936, Kanebo launched the first cosmetic silk product, the “Savon de Soie”. In Japan, a huge success, but only at the end of the seventies, the brand came to Europe and is called here since the year 2007 Sensai, which means something like “delicate, soft feeling”.

Used in Sensai products from the beginning is the Koishimaru silk – a legend in Japan. It is so precious and so rare that for generations it was reserved only for the imperial family.

Sensai facial care with Koishimaru silk

Rare and expensive, Koishimaru silk continues to be. No wonder, because the Koishimaru caterpillars, the “keikos” behave like little divas in contrast to the genetically modified Bombyx mori. For example, they eat only young, very fresh leaves of the mulberry tree and are susceptible to disease. Their cocoons are therefore only half the size of those of the bred caterpillars, but their filaments are all the more delicate and fine.

Why silk cosmetics have an intensive care power is now scientifically proven. The silk fibronins are proteins that are very similar to human skin. This means that they are not only well tolerated, but can also be absorbed particularly quickly and deeply into the skin. Another benefit: The silk molecules can bind and store a hundred times their weight in moisture.

Sensai scientists were also able to demonstrate that the silk ingredient can increase the synthesis of hyaluron in cells by over 150 percent. A fantastic anti-aging effect! No wonder, then, that the company continues to research how this effect can be increased even further.

Absolute silk fluid from Sensai

The result is the active ingredient complex “Koishimaru Silk Royal”. This complex not only stimulates the formation of hyaluron in the dermis and epidermis. It also strengthens the skin’s own protective barrier, thereby conjuring up a glow on the complexion. “Koishimaru Silk Royal” also prevents the so-called glycation. Glycation is a cause of collagen and elastin fibers stiffening, causing the skin to lose elasticity. This process is also called AGE (Advanced Gylcation Endproducts) and is considered one of the main causes of premature skin aging.

Koishimaru Page Royal” is contained in two new products. This is on the one hand the “Sensai Absolute Silk Cream” (40ml cirka 184 Euro) and the “Sensai Absolute Silk Fluid” (80ml 174 Euro). The cream, elegantly packaged in a minimalist frosted glass jar, surprises with its light gel-cream consistency. The fluid lays on the skin like a veil of silk, cushions it and makes it shimmer slightly after application.