Self-optimization or beauty mania?

With beauty it is like with many things: Everyone has an opinion about it. While many find themselves just as good as Mother Nature made them and stand by their little flaws, others would like to have themselves professionally beautified or at least accompanied during the aging process. Self-optimization or beauty mania?

One’s own attractiveness and view of oneself always remains a subjective matter. Dr. Sonja Sattler has more than 23 years of experience in aesthetic medicine at the Rosenpark Clinic and, together with her patients, deals with the topic of beauty every day. Attractiveness, beauty, self-satisfactionbut also exaggerated ideas of self-optimization. More about this in the video interview.

Beauty has become for sale: the perfect mouth, the perfect bosom – what are the reasons for self-optimization?

We see patients who want to change dramatically with numerous operations like Breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, ear pinning. and face unnatural injections, thank God, very rare.

The majority of our patients come for small changes or because of a genetic deficit and therefore feel that they are not beautiful. It disturbs, for example, a pronounced breeches or a non-existent or barely existent breast. These are the patients who want to change, but remain themselves.

Where are the limits on the subject of self-optimization?

Today it is trendy to have a voluminous lip to have, because narrow is out. If you have a very narrow lip by nature, we doctors can’t turn it into a natural looking big lip in just one treatment, the Result would always be unnatural look, because the tissue must first stretch.

So it takes several sessions to make the result look natural. In addition, no matter how much material they inject into the lip, they cannot change the size, the width of the mouth. So the result would be rather grotesque. That is why I think Beyond Beautiful is a difficult subject.

What caused the trend?

Through the Selfie generation. Since you see role models has of hip Influencers and CelebritiesThey are the ones you emulate, and I can tell you that it almost never works out that way. We don’t like to support these patient wishes at our clinic.

Beauty ideals in the age of social media: Am I beautiful?What role does social media play in the topic of self-optimization?

Social media are perceived as pressure especially among the younger generation. It is a matter of responding to Photos as optimal as possible to look as good as possible, and in 3-D, i.e. from all sides. I think that if you are experienced enough as a doctor, you can also treat these patients well. And in such a way that they do not change in their ME.

Of course, there is also the group of patients who really want to change massively. On the part of the doctor, it’s a matter of sorting out these desires and certainly also sometimes on the brake to step on the brakes when someone wants too much.