Scar removal the gentle way

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Be it after a pregnancy, an accident, with Acne scars or because an abrasion has not healed well: many people feel affected by unsightly scars.

They are almost always a nuisance: whether on legs, hands or in the décolleté and especially on the face – scars are rarely pretty. Unfortunately, almost everyone has suffered minor or major injuries somewhere. And any of these wounds can turn into a disturbing scar. Fortunately, it is now possible to significantly optimize these visual troublemakers. This is how scar removal works the gentle way.

But how do scars develop in the first place and what are the differences? Immediately after an injury, the body activates a Self-healing mechanism, to close the wound. For this purpose, cells from the blood and the surrounding connective tissue are transported to the wound.

By medical standards, this works fixed repair program excellent, beautiful, unfortunately, the result is not always. Because the new skin is different from the old, less elastic and differently colored. In fair-skinned people it often contains no pigments and is therefore pink to white, in dark-skinned people it often has pigments in excess.

This hyperpigmented scars occur mainly when fresh scars are exposed to the sun. There is also a excessive scarring, also called keloids, as well as crater- or funnel-shaped scars, so-called atrophic scars. What can be done about it?

Scar removal with the dermaroller®

For the treatment of atrophic scars, which include acne scars, but also injury scars and stretch marks, therapy with medical dermaroller is suitable®.

For this minimally invasive treatment program depending on the need for therapy, dermaroller® with needle lengths of 1.0 to 2.5 millimeters. The number of needles as well as the width of the roller also varies so that areas that are difficult to access, such as the region around the eyes or ears, can be reached.

Procedure of scar removal

First, the skin area to be treated is locally anesthetized. Subsequently, the dermaroller® is rolled over the skin several times in a star shape with minimal pressure. In this way, the skin receives per square centimeter about 250 micro punctureswhich close again after just a few minutes. This stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanism without creating new scar tissue.

Are there risks and side effects?

The area to be treated should be thoroughly disinfected to prevent infection. After the treatment, the skin is very red, but this is a desired effect, because it shows an even distribution of micro punctures.

Result scar removal

Scar removal with the dermaroller in a minimally invasive wayThe result: Firstly, the poor blood supply to scars is significantly improved. The color of the scars adapts to the environment, they become lighter or darker depending on the skin type. Pigmentation disorders or hyperpigmentation are significantly reduced.

The skin forms new collagen and elastin fibers, making the scar tissue more elastic! Atrophic scars are thereby, so to speak, from below nach top filled.

After just one treatment with the medical dermaroller, a Improvement of the skin appearance can be achieved. In the case of medium to deep scars, for a visible result three to four treatments at intervals of six to eight weeks are recommended.

In the case of severely proliferating scars, known as keloids, which spread to the surrounding tissue, the medical dermaroller may be® should not be used. Here, injection therapy with cortisone achieves good results. The treatment should take place at intervals of four to six weeks. The drug thins the skin, causing the scar tissue to shrink.

How much does the gentle scar treatment cost?

The Costs for scar treatments are largely covered by health insurance, only in the case of acne treatments is a distinction made as to whether there are health restrictions or whether it is more of an optical problem.

Lead photo: Madison Compton, Photos: Dermaroller