Scar care after breast surgery

After the long-awaited breast surgery is over, the first look in the mirror and thus the first look at the result can hardly be expected. In order for patients to be happy with their new breasts in the long run, it is even more important to take care of the wounds and to perform scar care after breast surgery conscientiously and carefully.

Scars remain after any surgical procedure. However, surgeons nowadays take great care to avoid as much as possible few incisions make and attach them to as inconspicuous places as possible as well as to insert them only in a targeted manner. During breast surgery, implants are inserted either through the armpit, under the breast crease or at the areola.

Especially unsightly and misshapen scars can quickly deceive the new image of the perfect breast.

What should patients definitely pay attention to when caring for scars after breast surgery?

Care of the scars

Immediately after the operation and in the following period, the scars should be spared and protected as much as possible from external stimuli. Going to the solarium and long sunbathing are taboo in the first period after the treatment. In addition, the circulation should not be activated too much, so sports should be avoided in the first period. In order to promote wound healing also refrain from nicotine and alcohol after the operation. should be avoided. Tight bras should also be avoided as far as possible so as not to cause unwanted irritation.

After the bandage has been removed, those affected should pay attention to, not wearing clothing that is too tight and/or rubbing to wear. The staple plasters are removed about two weeks after surgery. A girdle should preferably be worn to relieve pressure on the breasts.

Scar care with the help of creams

After the stitches are removed, the scars should be cleaned and creamed daily should be applied daily. As a rule, Vaseline, Bepanthen or a fragrance-free body lotion are sufficient. However, there are also special scar creams that can be purchased directly in the practice, the clinic or in pharmacies. These are particularly suitable for more sensitive skin types and can additionally support the healing of the scar. Dr. Bernard will be happy to advise you and give you recommendations.

Scar care from the inside out

We can also positively influence healing from the inside. It is known that certain vitamins and minerals support our body, boost the immune system and thus the wound healing is faster. A balanced and healthy diet can thus additionally contribute to rapid wound healing.

Scar massage

During the first year, scar care after breast surgery can be done with two to three massages daily favor the healing process. The massages should be practiced gently with a suitable cream, such as Bepanthen. The massages should be practiced only when the wound is completely healed.

Faster maturation of the scar

When the scar is fully matured, it is usually pale and very soft. However, it takes one to two years to reach this point. To help the process along Gels or plasters made of silicone can be used. The gel is applied thinly and forms a film over the scar until the next shower. The patch is usually replaced only after a few days. Used regularly and conscientiously, these preparations can lead to faster maturation of the scar and a more beautiful scar appearance.

Wound healing disorders

If there is unusual itching, redness, severe pain, fever, or chills on the scar, it may be that the wound healing disturbed is disturbed and the scar cannot heal properly. In these cases, a doctor should definitely be consulted to clarify the cause and get it out of the way. In most cases, the discomfort can be easily remedied.