Round or teardrop shaped cohesive silicone gel implants – A comparative, double-blind clinical study.

The following is a translation of the abstract of an article by T. Friedman et al. on the subject:

Which implants are better, round or anatomic teardrop?

The article is from the American journal “Aesthetic Surgery”.
It is very informative for women prior to breast augmentation surgery and may provide valuable decision-making aids in one or the other case as well as inform patients about implants to be inserted.


Most plastic surgeons outside North America who perform breast augmentation now use highly cohesive round or shaped Imlantats.

This study was conducted at:

1. compare the aesthetic outcome after breast augmentation with round or shaped implants. For this purpose, it should be defined which preferences exist in the female population or among plastic surgeons regarding the postoperative breast shape (augmented with round or teardrop-shaped implants).

2. to investigate whether plastic surgeons could determine which type of implant (round – shaped) had been used based on the postoperative appearance of a female patient.


study breast implants

The study included 30 patients with breast implants. 15 with shaped implants (teardrop-shaped) and 15 with round implants. The postoperative photographs of these patients were assessed by 2 groups: The first group consisted of 235 female laypersons, and the second group consisted of 11 male plastic surgeons. The laymen were asked to evaluate the breasts in terms of their beauty, naturalness and in terms of the appearance in the upper breast area (décolleté). The plastic surgeons were asked similar questions. In addition, they were asked to indicate which type of implant (round or shaped) was used.


Regarding “beauty of the breast”, both groups rated round and shaped implants comparably. Regarding “naturalness”, both groups rated patients with round implants significantly better (P<.001). Regarding the assessment of the upper breast areas, round implants were also rated better than shaped ones (P<.001). Plastic surgeons correctly assessed round implants in 64% and shaped breast implants in 47% of cases.


We believe that in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon who takes into account the individual characteristics of the soft tissue mantle, in selected cases it is indistinguishable in terms of aesthetic results whether round or shaped implants have been used.

Since each patient must be considered individually, one implant shape cannot be ruled out from the outset in this case and both round and teardrop shaped implants may well provide similar results in breast surgery by an experienced surgeon.

Friedman T. et. al.
“Comparative double blind clinical study on round versus shaped cohesive gel implants.”
Journal of Aesthetic Surgery 26: 530-536, 2006.