Removing nasolabial folds – a patient talks about her first time

A fresh and healthy-looking complexion, removing nasolabial folds and help against chickenpox scars from childhood. This was the wish list of travel blogger Daniela Küsters before her visit to the beauty doctor.

As a petite person, I have always had a narrow face. Then, in my mid-20s, many years of smoking made itself felt. Suddenly my face seemed not only narrow, nasolabial folds became visible, the skin lost more and more its radiance. I was determined to do something about this.

Now I’m in my early 30s and have now tested numerous cosmetic treatments more or less unsuccessfully. The topic of removing nasolabial folds is still pending. I was therefore even in the practice of two plastic surgeons. The first one didn’t give me much hope in terms of skin quality, while his colleague would have treated me in a chop-and-change procedure. Until a friend recommended the dermatologist Dr. Elisabeth Schuhmachers, I had almost given up.

Finding the right doctor

For me, every trip to a doctor is a real challenge. Because of my phobia of doctors, I was very nervous hours beforehand and was also afraid of looking unnatural after the treatment.

Dr. Schuhmachers calm and empathetic manner immediately put me at ease. The detailed consultation lasted over 30 minutes and I was informed about the entire procedure and the side effects. The doctor was very attentive to my facial expressions. Together we decided to start with a minimal dose of Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers.

“Especially when a patient is having me treat her for the first time, a gentle approach is important to me. If Daniela Küsters is not satisfied with the result, we can gladly optimize something after two weeks,” explains Dr. Schuhmachers.

And then it started: to make the face ,look younger and fresher the nasolabial folds were injected with hyaluronic acid fillers. “Also,” says Dr. Schumachers “we can fill the chicken pox scars with it and finally I used Botox against the frown line. It’s not very pronounced but the earlier you start, the more lasting the success.”

Botox for expression lines

The prospect of being injected straight into the face made me more than nervous. But with the first injection came the surprise: Botox injections actually hardly hurt and are absolutely bearable even for me! With my eyes closed, I tried to relax and a few minutes later, I had already survived the first part of the treatment.

Removing nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid injections

After a short break, we continued. Around 12 hyaluronic acid injections were needed to compensate for the loss of volume in my mid-face, which was responsible for the premature nasolabial folds. The pricks with hyaluron were a bit more uncomfortable than the Botox injections, but bearable even for me top phobic.

Hyaluron filler against scars and to improve skin texture.

And finally, my long-awaited dream was fulfilled: The chicken pox scars were also to be evened out with filler injections. “This is particularly effective for bowl-shaped scars, and the result lasts a very long time,” emphasizes Dr. Schumachers.

The result: before and after

After the treatment went so well, I was a bit nervous before the first look in the mirror. I must say that the result exceeded my expectations. Except for some redness, there were no negative traces of the injections. On the contrary, my face immediately had a fresh glow.

Admittedly, I had to get used to the feeling of a boxed forehead for a few days, but otherwise there were no bruises or swelling even the day after the treatment.

As discussed with Dr. Schumachers, the final result is visible after about two weeks. I am thrilled and receive many compliments on my radiance and skin.

When I then tell those around me that I, of all people, have decided to undergo treatment with Botox and hyaluronic acid fillers, my friends are amazed. My face does not look artificial at all, but simply naturally radiant.