Remove frown line: 4 effective tips against the annoying wrinkle

When it comes to a youthful and fresh appearance, wrinkles can be real killjoys. In contrast to the laugh lines, which still look sympathetic and cheerful, the frown line, on the other hand, makes our face look stressed and even grim.

No wonder that many affected people want to get rid of the wrinkle between the eyes and the treatment is one of the most popular facial beauty corrections. But how does the frown line develop and what are the treatment methods? We reveal four tips on how to get rid of the annoying wrinkle.

How does the frown line develop in the first place?

The frown line, or referred to as the “glabellar line” in medical terms, refers to the vertical crease that forms between the eyebrows and provides an unalterably grim look. It is caused by natural movements in the face and is a classic facial expression wrinkle. It is a fact that anyone who wrinkles their forehead for years, for example, during concentrated work at the PC or outbursts of anger, will not be spared from the mean wrinkle. But what helps against the frown line?

Tip #1: Prevent frown lines with anti-aging creams

Don’t have a highly visible frown line yet? Then you are lucky and can keep your wrinkle at bay for a long time with anti-aging creams. In particular, active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol, which are also contained in care products from M1 SELECT, are especially effective. With the help of hyaluronic acid, the skin is supplied with plenty of moisture and our skin appearance is improved in the long term. The power active ingredient retinol, on the other hand, inhibits harmful free radicals that break down the collagen in our skin and, on the other hand, stimulates the connective tissue cells, making the skin appear more elastic and plump.

Tip #2: Massage, massage, massage

Facial massages are no longer a beauty secret! After all, the Egyptians already used this method to relieve tension in the facial muscles and counteract minor wrinkles. With the help of a targeted massage, the area between the eyebrows can be relaxed and thus the frown line can be smoothed somewhat. Here’s how: Using the index and middle fingers of one hand, slowly move up the forehead in a V-shape directly from the root of the nose. The movements should be repeated at least 10 times – always starting at the root of the nose.

Tip #3: If nothing else works, muscle relaxants are a lifesaver!

If the frown line is too pronounced, the only solution is to inject muscle relaxant under the frown line. Here, the active ingredient is injected with a very fine needle directly under the skin in the affected area. As the name suggests, muscle relaxant paralyzes the facial muscles there and the wrinkles are effectively smoothed. The result of the minimally invasive treatment is fully visible after about one to two weeks.

Tip #4: Don’t be blind

Be sure to get your eyes checked regularly! Most of the time, we squint our eyes when we can’t see properly. This not only results in headaches and is bad for the eyes, but also promotes wrinkles. Experts therefore recommend having an eye test every two years.

Would you like to have your frown lines treated? Our experienced M1 doctors will be happy to advise you!