Remove bags under the eyes – this is how it works

Not everything that looks like bags under the eyes must automatically count as such. Very similar looking, but still different in nature are puffy eyelids, bags under the eyes or a sunken tear trough.

Swollen eyelids are caused by lodged Lymphatic fluid and are especially visible in the morning. This is because our sleeping position favors the storage of fluid. The swellings create a optical shadow on the lower eyelid, which is why they are confused with discoloration of dark circles under the eyes. Is it possible to remove bags under the eyes?

In fact, both problems, dark circles and puffy eyelids, very often occur together. Puffy eyelids usually soften during the day and therefore do not seem so severe in the evening. Bags under the eyes, on the other hand, are Protrusions of fatty tissue on the lower eyelid that are permanently visible and do not change during the day.

Reasons for the development of a lacrimal sac is usually a slackened eye ring muscle. This normally keeps the fatty tissue of the eye area taut. With age, sometimes accelerated by our genetics, the muscle atrophies and is no longer strong enough. The result is a Pre-swelling of the fatty tissue on the lower eyelid..

A sunken Tear trough results from a lack of cushioning fatty tissue along the lower eyelid. This results in a distinct depression that is visually very distinct from the surrounding areas of skin. This is particularly common in connection with dark circles and makes blood vessels and discolorations shine through more strongly.

How to remove bags under the eyes?

In addition to a careful examination, education and consultation, the doctor can remove the sunken Fill the tear trough with fillers. This does not reduce the discoloration of dark circles themselves, but the appearance of the eye area becomes more harmonious because the lower eyelid is raised to the level of the rest of the facial skin.

Lower eyelid lift against bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes can be treated with a Lower eyelid lift can be removed. However, this is a surgical challenge and absolutely belongs in the hands of proven specialists. In the classical lower eyelid lift the Skin incision directly below the edge of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid and a few millimeters on the outer eye. Excess skin is removed and the skin is tightened. If necessary, fatty tissue and parts of the eye ring muscle are also removed.

Because lower eyelid lifts are very demanding, we will soon publish a separate article online. On 6.2. more on the topic of dark circles – how they develop and what you can do about them.

Text: Sarah White / mabelle

Lead photo: Alexandr Zdrobau, Photo: Patrick Brinksma