Reasons to opt for a tummy tuck

Many women and men dream of a flat and defined abdomen. As a rule, the skin adapts very well to changing body shapes. This is due to its elastic property. So, if you specifically train your body, you can also shape your belly. In theory, this may sound quite good, but in practice it usually does not work so easily. This is where abdominoplasty often comes in handy.

Dr. Martha Bernard also knows this. The specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery performs abdominoplasty again and again, and her patients include not only women. Men are also increasingly opting for the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia and can sometimes take several hours.

The problem with the skin – when the weight decreases, but the skin persists

If the body silhouette changes too quickly, the skin has problems adapting to the new conditions. As a result, excess tissue occurs. Patients find the remaining skin mantle extremely disturbing and unaesthetic. This can usually only be removed with an abdominoplasty.

There is not only an aesthetic reason for this. – Also medical aspects often speak in favor of such an intervention. Especially if the existing excess tissue leads to redness and triggers inflammation.

Men also opt for such procedures

There are many reasons why people choose to have an abdominoplasty.

Dr. Martha Bernard advises abdominoplasty to those patients who have very sagging skin, have been diagnosed with a bulging abdominal wall, or have fat deposits below or above the belly button. A Pregnancy – with a strong weight gain and a subsequent radical weight loss – can greatly change the skin appearance. But also a strong weight loss after a Diet can ensure that too much skin remains.

For women, it is important that surgery should always take place when no more body altering processes can be expected. This means that the desire to have children should already be completed.

Men always decide to have this type of surgery when they have lost a lot of weight and want to have a nicely defined abdomen again.

If the operation takes place after weight loss and the realization that sport is not giving the desired figure, it is important that the weight can also be maintained permanently. Here a Nutritional counseling can be helpful following the treatment. Dr. Bernard will be happy to advise patients on this and all other questions relating to the procedure in a personal consultation.

An abdominoplasty should not be underestimated

Once the patient has decided on a procedure, there are several methods available. Thus there are the Liposuction, the classic tummy tuck or the so-called Mini tightening.

During the procedure, the abdominal skin and abdominal muscles are tightened, and fatty tissue is also removed. Furthermore, possible scars located on the lower abdomen can be removed during the procedure. A classic example is the scar after a cesarean section. Even closure of abdominal wall hernias is possible during the procedure. The incision is made over the pubic area so that no scar is visible afterwards.

Fact: Such an operation should not be underestimated. The healing process takes a long time. The pain, which can still be felt days later, can sometimes be quite severe. This is exactly why only those people who have lost a massive amount of weight and for whom a balanced diet and exercise did not lead to the desired result of skin reduction should opt for a tummy tuck.