Reasons for breast reduction

Operations in the breast area still take up the majority of surgical procedures. What years ago was mostly used by women, is now also used by men – also called gynecomastia. The reasons for this are different. Especially in Munich, breast augmentations belong to are always among the most popular procedures, but the trend is gradually moving towards breast reduction as well. Natural appearance as well as coordinated proportions are the goal for many.

Breast reduction, technically known as mammoplasty, involves the removal of breast tissue so that the overall breast is lifted and significantly tightened.

Whether one’s breasts are perceived as too large depends largely on one’s own perceptions and body proportions. If the breasts in the proportion to the rest of the stature are disproportionately large, one speaks of a Macromastia. In this case, the psychological and physical stresses are the greatest for the affected individuals.

The most common cause of Macromastia are hereditary. However, there is also the infantile macromastia, the Puberty Macromastia and the Gravid macromastia.

While the breasts in infantile macromastia are unusually large even in very young women, the features of pubertal macromastia, an oversizing of the breasts, occur exclusively during puberty. If the breast remains enlarged after pregnancy, it is gravid macromastia.

Due to the accumulation of excess fat, especially overweight people often suffer from this problem. Although weight reduction would in principle remedy the situation, the tissue remains and sags. Breast reduction and lifting can therefore provide a quick remedy.

Mental reasons for breast reduction

Due to larger than average breasts and unflattering proportions, affected women can develop psychological problems and sometimes no longer dare to leave the house. They have the feeling of being stared at and lose all self-confidence. They feel uncomfortable in their own bodies, which can of course also affect their relationship and their sexual activities.

Physical reasons for breast reduction

In the most common cases, however, it is physical limitations and discomfort that lead to the decision to have breast reduction. Especially Shoulder and back discomfort are among the most common consequences of Macromastia. The earlier the affected women suffer from excessively large breasts, the more frequently a general malposition of the body occurs. The upper body is pulled forward by the weight of the breasts. Also Neck pain and headache may follow and cause additional side effects.

Sporting activities can sometimes no longer be practiced, so that women are considerably restricted in their leisure activities. Due to the weight of the breast, the skin is sometimes constantly irritated by a bra, so that painful inflammations can arise.

Does health insurance cover the cost of surgery?

Before the operation is planned, the surgeon in charge of the patient prepares an expert opinion. The report is given to the health insurance company so that they can decide whether or not the cost of the surgery will be covered by the health insurance company.

In Germany, this surgery is only paid for by the health insurance if the surgery is medically necessary. The practice of Dr. Martha Bernard will be happy to advise you on the costs and possible coverage by health insurance.

What can those affected do themselves about large breasts?

If the large breasts are related to overweight or obesity, first of all, it helps to do a lot of sports and to strive for a healthy diet. When losing fat, the fatty tissue in the breast can be reduced tremendously.

Exercises that reduce Strengthen muscles of the chest, help to better support the weight of the breast. On the other hand, they have the beneficial effect that the trained muscles make the breast appear firmer and the breast tissue is lifted overall.

A fitting and support bra is an absolute must for both the skin and the back. The breast must be optimally supported and the bra must be neither too small nor too large. In the meantime, there are additional minimizer bras, which ensure that the breast appears smaller overall.

However, if these measures are not sufficient and strong mental and health strains are present, a breast reduction, a Mammary Reduction, can be performed.

The different surgical techniques

The classical method of breast reduction is the T incision. This involves cutting around the areola and from there vertically to the crease under the breast. In addition, a transverse incision is made in the inframammary fold.

Dr. Martha Bernard, on the other hand, uses in her practice the scar-saving surgical technique according to Dr. Hall-Findley is used. Here, the scar runs only vertically to the underbust crease. Another advantage of this method is that the areola is reduced and made rounder at the same time.