Put an end to scowls: treat frown lines with Botox

They often make facial expressions look angry and it is not for nothing that the unpleasant wrinkles between the eyebrows bear the name “frown lines”. An angry facial expression, although one is actually cheerful, that is really not what anyone wants. A targeted injection with Botox can help with frown lines. the ideal method for a natural and anything but mask-like result. be.

How are frown lines formed?

The skin between the eyebrows is permanently strained due to the movements of the brows. With the help of the Musculus corrugator supercili in the area of the palpebral fissure, we contract our eyebrows, for example, when we concentrate, focus our gaze, are dazzled by the sun, or wonder about something. During this movement, the skin between the brows contracts, causing vertically running wrinkles between the brows arise.

Young skin still has enough elasticity and sub-fatty tissue so that these wrinkles are really only visible during the appropriate movement and the skin retracts afterwards. However the quality of the skin decreases with age, which makes the wrinkles visible even when the brows are at rest. And they become deeper the more frequent the movement of the eyebrows.

In women, makeup usually settles in the wrinkles as well, which additionally does not look very advantageous. However, as with almost all wrinkles, not only the movement itself, but also the genetic predisposition as well as the Lifestyle influence how strongly and quickly wrinkles develop.

When is Botox treatment for frown lines useful?

Because frown lines are expression lines that are very isolated and occur due to a muscle movement, treatment with botulinum toxin (Botox) is very effective.

Botox relaxes the corresponding muscle, which restricts movement and prevents wrinkles. In the case of less deep wrinkles, the body’s own skin regeneration also ensures that the wrinkle is evened out and smoothed. That is why Botox should be used primarily used preventively can be used, for example, if there is a genetic predisposition to frown lines or if the facial expression already appears slightly angry and nasty.

If the frown line is already very deep, a suitable treatment is an additional treatment with hyaluronic acid is offered. This ensures that the wrinkle is filled, while Botox prevents the reappearance of a furrow.

In a consultation with Dr. Martha Bernard, patients can clearly express their wishes. In addition, the genetic predisposition is clarified in order to achieve the best possible result. The focus is on retaining the naturalness of the face and not creating a mask-like effect. A mask-like face only occurs if the dosage is too high and the treatment is not carried out professionally.

What is the procedure for injecting Botox into the frown line?

An injection for the frown line can be performed without anesthesia. Specialists inject small amounts of Botox with a very thin needle precisely to the predetermined areas, so that patients hardly notice anything of the procedure apart from a slight pricking sensation. Immediately after treatment, a slight burning sensation may be felt, but this quickly subsides. The active ingredient is fully developed after ten days at the latest, and the first results can be seen after just a few days.

How long the effect lasts varies from patient to patient, usually about three treatments per year are initially expected, although later the effect can last as long as six to twelve months.