Protection from electrosmog

There are more cell phones in the world than toothbrushes, and twice as many cell phones are sold every day as babies are born. Unfortunately, cell phone radiation can make you sick. As reported last week, a court in Italy has for the first time approved cell phone radiation as the cause of a brain tumor. A chip should help vitalize the dangerous rays

“The body reacts to cell phone radiation as if it were under attack,” explains Deepu Motiramani, a health, fitness and wellness management consultant in Hamburg, Germany. “It releases adrenaline. If you don’t naturally respond to it by fleeing or attacking, it switches to apathy. The permanent exposure to mobile communications is permanent stress for the body. Not only are the body’s own processes disturbed, but bacteria and germs also become more aggressive and virulent under the influence of mobile communications. Toxins reach the brain directly and melatonin production is drastically reduced. What to do?

Melatonin is a hormone that controls the day-night rhythm. Melatonin deficiency causes sleep disturbances. Melatonin is also the most important endogenous detoxifying agent for biotoxins in our brain. Therefore, if toxins increase due to the opening of the blood-brain barrier and melatonin levels decrease at the same time, this cannot go well. A synergistic relationship has been found between electromagnetic fields and chronic inflammation such as Lyme disease, heavy metal exposure, multiple sclerosis, ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. As a first aid measure for such diseases, the electrosmog exposure should first be reduced and only then the infection treated,” Motiramani says.

Electrosmog surrounds us 24 hours a day. In the last 20 years, cell phones, WLAN, radar systems, etc. have added new, particularly high-frequency forms. The radiation exposure is clearly measurable with special devices. Some people react very sensitively to it. Frequent symptoms are, besides heat development and ear pain, also head and back pain, heart rhythm disturbances, concentration problems, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety-panic feelings, nerve pain and, in the long run, brain tumors and other types of cancer. That there is a health relevance is shown by the many scientific publications on this subject. Doctors and scientists also warn against it. More than 40 studies prove this risk. The WHO (World Health Organization) also classifies mobile phone radiation as possibly carcinogenic.

How to reduce the WLAN load

Hold cell phone at least 15-30 millimeters away from head or use hands-free mode to make calls

– Better to use a head set. Not a wireless headset, but a wired headset with earplugs. If possible, use only one earplug, which halves the radiation exposure.

– Do not carry cell phones, tablets, laptops directly on your body (unless they are e-chipped).. PC or tablet on the lap exceeds the permitted radiation exposure by a factor of 30,000!

– Switch off WLAN connection as often as possible

– Children should use digital media as little as possible

– Special care for pregnant women

Switch to a wired solution instead of a WLAN connection in the home

E-chip for protection against electrosmog

Apparently, however, there is another solution to the problem. The Swiss company “I+like” has developed an “antidote” to the invisible threat. A chip that you stick on the back of your phone that is supposed to neutralize the rays. Somewhat skeptical that such a mini-chip can have such a massive effect, but still interested in fixing the problem in view of the earache, I dare to invest 55 euros.

Motiramani tries to explain the functioning of the chip in an understandable way: “Humans function by means of magnetic fields (oscillations), which are disturbed by the electromagnetic fields of cell phones and other electrical devices. To prevent them from harming humans, the interfering electromagnetic fields (electrosmog) should be neutralized.”

What is the scientific principle behind the E-chip?

As early as 1992, a kind of “magnetic antenna” was detected in the brain, consisting of magnetite crystals, among other things. It serves as a transmitter and receiver of information. Even the smallest amounts of these crystals have an influence on the regeneration of cells. The “I+like” e-chip was constructed on the basis of these findings. Magnetite crystals charged with information on cell regeneration were applied to the chip. The aim is to transfer the information stored on the chip into the cells. The E-field (electrosmog) is used as the information carrier. In this case, the electro smog forms the bioresonance field for the information transfer. This means that the harmful radiation is transformed into a body cell-optimized one with the help of the E-chip and in this way protects against the disease-causing influences.

My conclusion:

A few months have passed since I got the e-chip. I watched closely to see if the chip on my phone delivers what it promises. Whether it actually works. The phone still gets warm. But my earache is gone for good. And that reassures me immensely.

Text: Dietlinde Besch

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