Properly care for long hair!

For facial care, there are plenty of special products in your own bathroom. Why not for the hair? Long hair in particular benefits from personalized care. Here are the best tips.

The perfect foundation for long hair is a healthy scalp. It’s actually logical – and yet most people consistently neglect their scalp. Yet it is a real little sensitive and often imbalanced. In the La Biosthétique salon, an analysis is therefore carried out before every treatment.

Hair specialists recommend giving the skin on the head the same attention as the face. So pure hair care was yesterday, now it’s the turn of “Scalpcare”. What many do not know: The scalp is a lot more permeable than the skin on the face, has more pores and is therefore also much more receptive. It is therefore worthwhile to rely on special and type-specific care products.

Dream hair all the way to the tips

To stay beautiful from the roots to the tips, long hair needs special attention and targeted care. After all, the ends of long hair are often many years old and have already experienced so much: from colorations to numerous sunbaths to stylings with the most diverse tools.

Basically, before you wash long hair, you should prepare it first. Even if combing or brushing is easier with wet hair, it is best to carefully untangle the hair before washing, because washing can make small knots even tighter. Combing and brushing always from the bottom up, so first untangle the tips, then brush out the lengths.

Special care for long hair

Hair stylingOn the subject of long hair, La Biosthétique experts hear again and again that a desired dream length is very difficult to achieve because of poor hair quality. This is mainly due to the fact that the upper part of the hair has very different needs for care than the lengths and tips, which are years older.

The causes for hairy crises are manifold: besides emotional stress, it is mainly a wrong diet with industrial food, medications or a hormonal imbalance. The air we breathe is full of invisible pollutants, especially in cities. Fine dust and environmental particles are deposited on the hair fibers, slowing down hair growth and promoting hair breakage and hair loss. Daily styling is not exactly a recovery program for our hair either.

Now there is the perfect counter-program. La Biosthétique has developed a complete care range for long hair. The new “Long Hair” line consists of eight high-quality products that are designed to make every hair more beautiful by lengths. This is ensured by intelligent active ingredient concepts. Wheat bran extract in “Protective Volumising Shampoo” (250 ml, 25.50 euros) ensures that hair and scalp are freed from dirt particles. Wheat proteins give fullness and firmness. In “Protective Softening Shampoo” betaine from sugar beet moisturizes and softens the hair (250 ml, 25.50 euros).

Success clinically proven

A star product of the range is the “Growth Booster”. This potent powerhouse for hair roots and scalp starts right where hair is formed. Creatine provides energy for the hair roots, while glycogen simultaneously increases cell activity. This was proven in a clinical study. According to this study, 85 percent of the test subjects noticed increased hair growth after using the growth booster (“Growth Booster,” 95 ml, 60.50 euros).

LONG HAIR Group_LA BIOSTHETIQUEAs if by magic, the “Detangler” detangles long hair. The care serum is simply sprayed into the hair, seals rough surfaces and structural differences between lengths and ends are evened out (150 ml, 34 euros). The leave-in care fluid “Protective Conditioning Fluid” contains wheat proteins that strengthen the hair and provide more volume. The wheat bran extract also acts like an anti-pollution protective film 100 ml, 27 euros).

And finally, extra care for long hair. It is contained in the “Protective Repair Mask” and the “Weightless Conditioning Oil”. A study by the Leibnitz Institute with 5,000 combing processes confirmed 80 percent less hair breakage after using the hair mask. This is due to the active ingredient power of inulin, cationic guar, glycerides and glucose polyphenol (“Protective Repair Mask,” 150 ml, 35 euros). The oil helps to close the outer cuticle layer again. It unfolds its rich effect without weighing down the hair (“Weightless Conditioning Oil”, 100 ml, 40.50 euros).

Lead photo: Adobe Stock, Photos: Unsplash, Product photo: La Biosthétique