Properly care for blond hair

Nature has endowed only about two percent of the world’s population with blond hair. That’s mean! On the one hand. On the other hand, however, good: because of this, blond hair has a high signal effect. Three experts explain how to properly care for blond hair!

Blond hair stands for youthfulness – especially young people have light blond hair, which turns into a dark blond to brown over time. So blonde makes women appear younger.

For all women whose naturally blonde hair has become darker and darker over the years (like mine – unfortunately…), and for all those who never in their lives looked like a girl from the “Rama” advertisement, there is help from nature and research in laboratories. Not only on the subject of bleaching, but also how to care for blond hair.

On the market are plenty of products and in every city there are countless hairdressers, so that for every woman the dream of blond hair comes true.

Care for blond hair – this is how it works

The big but: this dream can turn into a nightmare – the hair is yellow or orange instead of blonde, the tips are broken, the hair looks dull and can no longer be styled. That’s why we asked blonde professionals for their top tips on how to care for blond hair:

The color experts Fabien Krins (“Fabien K Coiffeur Spa”, Munich) and Ayse Auth from (“HaarWerk”, Munich, “AUThentic Blond”) and Philip B. Berkovitz (US hair expert, “Philip B. Botanicals”).

The blond makes the difference

What do most women who want blonde hair do wrong?”

Long hair in blondeFabien Krins: “If they have naturally too dark hair and want a too light blonde, it looks unnatural and makes the complexion look pale and tired. If you don’t have the roots recolored every four weeks, it looks unkempt. The guideline is to have it recolored if you have more than three inches of roots.”

Ayse Auth: “I advise my clients to look at the veins on their wrists – if they are more bluish, a cool blonde fits, if they are darker all warm blonde tones perfect. Highlighter highlights add more visual volume and texture than solid blonde in one shade.”

Philip B. Berkovitz: “Dyed and highlighted hair must be treated like a baby – very carefully and also lovingly. That is, the water after washing hair, only gently squeeze, do not rub dry, heat protection sprays from blow drying use products that do not weigh down the hair.”

No hairstyle fits – what helps?

With long blond hair, the ends become dry in the long run, they split and no hairstyle fits. What helps?

Fabien Krins: “Groom, groom, groom, and use masks. Otherwise cut, cut hair is and remains the best care, just shorten the broken tips is enough. From self-dyeing I strongly advise against, most only dry out the hair and make it broken.”

Ayse Auth: “Don’t wash your hair too hot, the same goes for straighteners and blow dryers – don’t set either to the highest setting. Be careful with care oils, they can leave a yellowish tone, and only work into the tips whole little oil. Also important: use a brush with natural bristles.”

Philip B. Berkovitz: “Never, never, never go without conditioner. A haircut where the hair ends just above the collarbone adds visual volume. For example, a classic bob where the hair is slightly shorter in the back than in the front. This look is easy to maintain, easy to style and variable.”

WU_Conditioner_Coconut, argan and lemon oils and milk proteins strengthen hair fibers, lightly lighten hair and add shine: conditioner, 250ml, approx. 29 euros; mask, 200ml, approx.32 euros; shampoo, 250ml, approx. 29 euros; from the Shine blond like a Diamond line by Ayse Auth AUThenticBlonde.

Color_Glam_Color_120136_No_Yellow_Conditioner_07_Crystal_150ml_Protects hair from UV rays that fade color, a shine complex and violet crystal pigments maintain radiance and freshen it. Shampoo: 250ml, approx. 26 euros; conditioner, 150ml, approx. 27 euros; hair mask, 200ml, approx. 33 euros; from the Glam Color No Yellow series by La Biosthetique.

Philip BMoisturizes hair, adds shine and nourishes with plum extract, among other ingredients: shampoo, 220ml, approx. 54 euros, deep conditioner, 178ml, approx. 60 euros; Russian Amber Gold Masque, 236ml, approx. 259 euros; from the Icelandic Blond series by Philip B. Botanicals.

A series for particularly stressed, damaged hair: blond “Absolu Cicaextreme” by Kérastase with edelweiss oil and a hyaluronic acid duo. Sérum Cicanuit, regenerating night serum, 90ml, approx. 47 euros; Le Bain Cicaextreme, ultra-moisturizing hair bath after bleaching, 250ml, approx. 28 euros; Masque Cicaextreme hair mask, 200ml, approx. 47 euros; Huile Cicaextreme, strengthening oil, 100ml, approx. 47 euros.

Text: Conny Eyssen

Lead photo: Adobe Stock, Photos: Shutterstock, PR