Promising success permanent hair removal Zurich

Permanent hair removal Zurich promises: Never shave again! But can that really be? Never again? How does it work and what side effects can it have?

Modern technologies allow us to conform more and more to beauty ideals. For permanent hair removal, it is true that time must first be invested. But in the long run it pays off when it means: never shave again.

About the advantages and disadvantages of permanent hair removal and when it starts to pay off for you.

How permanent hair removal Zurich works

The idea is to permanently obliterate the hair roots and thus prevent further growth. For this purpose, either needle epilation is performed or laser and IPL devices are used.

IPL stands for Intesed Pulsed Light and refers to how the devices work. ILP devices are similar to laser devices used for hair removal. As the name implies, they use light to generate heat. Short and intense pulsed light pulses are generated by the device. The triggered wavelengths cover the spectrum between 645-950 nm.

The generated heat is transmitted through the hairline to the Hair follicle is transmitted to the hair follicle. The thermal reaction triggered by this causes the nutrient cells at the hair roots to obliterate, thus preventing further growth. In addition, the damaged hair falls out in the following weeks after therapy.

Treatment and treatment results

The treatment results are not directly visible in permanent hair removal. This is due to the fact that both laser and IPL treatment can only kill the hairs that are in the growth phase at the time of light treatment.

This is also the reason why several sessions are necessary at the beginning for permanent hair removal. Because only between 20-30% of the hairs are in the growth phase at the same time. Therefore, in order to catch all of them, several treatments must be performed at intervals of a few weeks.

Depending on the size of the area to be treated, a session will take different amounts of time. For example, if the hair of the upper lip is removed, it will only take a few minutes. Normally, you can leave the practice after only a quarter of an hour. The advantage: the treatment is largely painless and after an IPL treatment you can continue your day directly, because no special aftercare is necessary.

There are limitations to an IPL treatment with either light, or gray hair and with dark skin. The rule of thumb is: the higher the contrast between light skin and dark hair, the more promising permanent hair removal is.

What exactly does permanent hair removal mean?

Due to the new technology, there are no long-term studies yet. Whether a so-called permanent hair removal is really permanent, therefore, remains to be seen. From experience, however, it can be said that the method works very well for most patients. Depending on skin and hair color, the treatments must be repeated between six and eight times.

It also happens that individual small hairs grow back. However, this happens very slowly, which means that in these cases a single follow-up treatment must be performed only after many months.

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