Professional skin advice in perfumery

Finding the right skin care, perfume or make-up is almost a science these days. It is not easy to find your way through the jungle of active ingredient innovations and new launches. That’s why professional skin advice is so important!

Which ingredients really make sense for which skin condition? Does it always have to be the latest of the new? Which fragrance suits me? Questions upon questions…

It’s true that there are plenty of anti-aging tips on the Internet, YouTube tutorials for the perfect eyeliner or stories in glossy magazines about the latest make-up trend. So you can also inform yourself in your own four walls and do a lot for your beauty. But honestly, aren’t we all happy when we receive personal advice and information?

Individual skin consultation

How good, then, that there are perfumeries that offer, among other things, competent and individual skin advice. First and foremost the Munich perfumery Brückner with a tradition of more than 125 years and since 1893 awarded as “Royal Bavarian Court Supplier”.

Tanja Bublitz, the third generation, is responsible for the consistently high quality. She has over 30 years of expertise in the field of beauty and a professional team of long-standing employees. Whether it’s a skin consultation, make-up tips or a new fragrance, you’ll feel you’re in the best hands here. Tanja Bublitz talks in the PODCAST about her experiences, her passion for the beauty world and what distinguishes a good skin consultation.

An individual skin consultation is about expertise, experience and a lot of soft skills that distinguish real skin savvy women. This is especially valuable when you’re plagued by skin problems and then come across an expert with empathy and a trained eye. “Our skin health is a sensitive subject that needs to be understood and cared for,” says Tanja Bublitz.

Anyone who enters Parfümerie Brückner not only gets a special product, but also always advice and valuable tips. As before, the perfumery stands for exceptional, top-class cosmetics and exclusive fragrances. An assortment of high-end and niche brands.

And what is a particular challenge for Tanja Bublitz? “It makes me particularly happy when I can really help someone who has problems with their complexion. Fortunately, that happens very often and there are female customers with whom real friendships have formed over the years as a result.”

But Tanja Bublitz doesn’t just have an intense relationship with her customers. When selecting the brands that exist in the portfolio of Parfümerie Brückner, she particularly likes to focus on brands behind which there is a concrete person, a story, a vision. “In doing so, I rely on my intuition. There are personal relationships with many business partners in addition to professional ones, and that’s a great pleasure!”