Problem zone strawberry chin – How to get rid of it again

Some people have skin on their chin that is not as nice and smooth as the rest of their face. This phenomenon is called strawberry chin among experts. What exactly it is and how to get rid of it, we will tell you below!

What is a strawberry chin?

A strawberry chin, or “cobblestone relief,” describes a skin change on the chin that is usually visible even at rest. The appearance of a strawberry chin is known from children who are defiant and, due to the effort of crying, strain the chin muscle (“musculus mentalis”) so much that the skin on the chin forms a cauliflower-like surface.

The strawberry chin phenomenon mostly affects women over the age of 40. The skin is then permanently in the unstrained state – whether strained or not.

How does a strawberry chin develop?

The reason for the development of a strawberry chin is the aging process: the skin becomes thinner and thinner and the collagen and fat deposits disappear in many places. In this case, the fat deposit on the chin becomes smaller and smaller, causing the skin to be closer to the chin muscle. This leads to the fact that the actually perfect roundness of the chin disappears and an uneven surface is created. Especially when speaking, when the chin muscle is additionally moved, the strawberry chin is visible.

How can a strawberry chin be treated?

To restore the chin to its natural smoothness, there are several options.

#1 Treatment with muscle relaxant

If the strawberry chin is injected with muscle relaxant, the chin muscle stands still and so does the skin in the affected area. No new wrinkles and indentations can then develop and the already existing irregularities smooth themselves out over time, as the skin in the chin area is no longer strained.

#2 Treatment with hyaluronic acid

In addition to treatment with muscle relaxants, a strawberry chin can also be eliminated with hyaluronic acid. To do this, hyaluronic acid is injected in small amounts into the indentations to eliminate the bumps. The hyaluronic acid cushions the deepened areas of skin and smoothes them from the inside. The advantage of treatment with hyaluronic acid is that the chin can be subsequently sculpted into the desired shape. Especially if the chin has already completely lost volume, reshaping is recommended.

If you also suffer from a strawberry chin and would like to have it treated, please feel free to contact one of our specialized M1 doctors for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to your visit!