Problem zone face: Tighten sagging cheeks without surgery!

Whether anti-aging cream, peeling or facial massage – nothing seems to help. The force of gravity is unstoppable. So is there nothing left for us to do but reluctantly let our cheeks sag and silently give up the fight against skin aging? Absolutely not! We explain to you how sagging cheeks and double chins disappear as if by magic with the right treatment methods.

Let’s get some contour

Problem areas can not only be found on our bodies. As we age, many of our patients complain of blemishes on the face as well, often due to a significant loss of volume. Because while a young face shows clear contours, full cheeks and a firm jawline, the face of an aging person “sinks” so that the former lines and contours become more and more blurred.

Goodbye sagging cheeks

Visually concealing the signs of skin aging and demonstrably slowing down the aging process is one of the goals of aesthetic medicine. As a rule, the outpatient injection of high-quality and stable hyaluronic acid is suitable for restoring fullness, elasticity and freshness to the skin. As the skin becomes thinner with age and the connective tissue loses its firmness, the fat in the cheek area can no longer be held in place by the tissue. The result is that it sinks to the edge of the face, where it becomes visible as an unsightly sagging cheek. To correct this effect, well-cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected into the cheek area so that the sagging skin can be lifted in a targeted manner and gain elasticity. The injection is performed on an outpatient basis, with relatively little pain and in just a few minutes.

Bye bye double chin

A treatment with hyaluronic acid can also work wonders in the chin/jaw area! After all, the aging process also leaves its mark here in the form of a spongy chin line and an unflattering double chin. By injecting hyaluronic acid into the jawline, the contours can be shaped in a targeted manner to ensure a clear transition between the face and neck. For this purpose, a solid hyaluron preparation is injected into the chin and jawline and, just like the treatment of the cheek area, the tightening effect is quick, effective and painless – without downtime!

Just the right thing for you? Then feel free to make an appointment and let us advise you on your desired treatment.