Preserve the natural beauty with a breast lift

A breast lift – unlike a breast augmentation or reduction – is not primarily aimed at changing the size of the breast. Only the former shape and firmness of the breast tissue is restored.. This can be done in part without the use of implants or tissue, through the use of special surgical techniques.

Modern surgical techniques leave barely visible scars

In technical terminology, the breast lift is called a Mastopexy referred to as mastopexy. The operation leaves only very small, barely visible scars. Special suture techniques form from the existing glandular tissue, which is responsible for the support of the breast, a “inner bra”, so that the breast regains a beautiful, firm and aesthetic shape. Excess skin flaps can be removed to tighten the skin and improve the shape of the breast.

Sometimes one also resorts to the use of small implants to replace the lost fatty tissue.

Dr. Martha Bernard has at her disposal extensive, long-standing experience with the various methods of breast lift and is happy to advise interested women in her Munich practice about the different options. Since every breast is different, a mastopexy is always an individually adapted procedure. Different surgical techniques are often combined to achieve the most appealing and natural result.

What are the indications for a breast lift?

breast lift for a natural, beautiful breast

Throughout a woman’s life, the breast undergoes repeated changes. Many women go through repeated Weight gain and loss, whereby the skin of the breast is stretched by the increased fatty tissue and the fatty tissue disappears again when weight is reduced. This can cause the breast to become saggy and “droop”.

A Pregnancy and the subsequent Silence have a great impact on the breast. In the course of pregnancy, breast volume increases, in some cases by up to two bra sizes. After breastfeeding, the breast gradually returns to its former size, but the stressed and stretched tissue may then appear saggy and wrinkled.

Other influences, such as a congenital connective tissue weakness, hormone influences and the physical constitution can favor a sagging breast. The support function of the breast is provided by the glandular tissue. The volume is determined by the surrounding fatty tissue. However, both fatty and glandular tissue progressively decrease with age, which can cause the breast to lose its shape and become sagging.

A sagging breast is said to occur when the nipple is lower than the Skin fold of the breast and a sagging skin mantle has formed on the underside of the breast. From a medical point of view, a sagging breast is normally absolutely no problem, but many women suffer from this visual blemish.

The breast is an important part of femininity for every woman

When a woman begins to feel ashamed of her breasts, hiding them and self-confidence suffers, she should consider a breast lift. Since the breast is one of the most essential sexual characteristics of a woman, a shapely décolleté contributes to new self-confidence and physical well-being contribute. Beautifully shaped breasts also play an important role in sexual fulfillment and acceptance of one’s own body.