Power with flowers

Smell good, heal good, taste good, look good: Flowers and blossoms. This week’s motto is Flower Power. With this, we want to help the summer get going…

A science in itself: Bach Flower Therapy. Some swear by it, others think it is humbug. The fact is that before the production of synthetic active ingredients in tablet form, people always healed with plants. Every monastery had its own healing garden, and everything that was known about flowers and plants was noted down in herbal books.

Cherry blossoms awaken spring feelings
Daisies taste delicious and make any dish shine!
Lavender smells wonderful. The fields in the south of France are a dream!
Bach flowers calm and help to relax
Daisies are among the edible flowers
Bach flowers - The multi-talent


Healing with flowers

At the beginning of the last century, the English bacteriologist and homeopath Edward Bach developed the Bach Flower Therapy named after him. His theory: all kinds of mental problems or bad moods disturb the inner harmony of a person and thus weaken the physical and psychological defenses. Bach considers the mental patterns of each individual to be the real cause of illness. His flower therapy aims to balance the different character traits.

This is because, in Bach’s view, most physical illnesses are the result of emotional imbalance. Healing occurs only when emotional balance is restored. Bach achieves this with 37 different flower essences, which are intended, for example, to reduce anxiety, relieve restlessness and dejection. Each human behavior pattern corresponds to a specific flower, which with its energy manages to positively influence this sore point. A flu or a broken leg, on the other hand, cannot be cured by the flower cocktail.

So delicious are edible flowers

For cooking professionals and everyday cooks: from daisies to roses, there’s plenty to rediscover in culinary terms. In the past, blossoms were a natural part of the kitchen. Rose water for marzipan and dandelion salad, are some remnants that are still known today. Delicious and also a feast for the eyes: daisies in salad. Daisies are considered to stimulate metabolism and are used by homeopaths for bruises and eczema. Rose petals taste especially great with cheese.

Sweet variant: candied with sugar and egg white. This goes well with all desserts and is also a treat on its own and a wonderful decoration. Fruit blossoms from the apple tree go just as well with salad as with ice cream or strawberries. Simply wonderful are lavender flowers, which you can also sprinkle dried in sweet dishes. There are no limits to your imagination. However, it is important not to use sprayed flowers. So you should get the flowers from the organic farmer or grow them yourself in the balcony box. By the way, carnations, dahlias and chrysanthemums are also edible, just to name a few.