Possible complications as a result of labia reduction surgery

Labia reduction is a relatively minor and risk-free procedure. Only rarely do serious complications occur after the operation. Nevertheless, patients must expect side effects after the procedure.

In the first 24 to 48 hours after the procedure, patients may experience Pain come. Painkillers and cooling of the intimate area relieve this pain and are beneficial for healing.

Also occur Swelling and possibly slight bleeding occur. Most of these disappear after about six weeks, and the last minor swellings should also have subsided after six months.

Are there any effects on sensitivity?

Many women fear in advance of the procedure that the Sensitivity to touch on the vulva could return. If the procedure is performed correctly, patients do not need to worry about this. It is true that the labia feel somewhat numb in the first few days after the operation. After about a week, however, the usual sensitivity is restored. Rarely, small nodules appear on the edge of the labia after the operation. These disappear by themselves after a few weeks.

As with any surgery, complications can arise after labia reduction due to Wound healing disorders and infections may occur. Thus, even the surgery can be followed by a mild cystitis may occur, which, however, can be treated well with antibiotics. Wound healing problems rarely occur with labia reduction, but cannot be completely ruled out. In these, sutures may reopen or wound edges may not grow together properly.

Physical rest is important, especially in the beginning

To avoid wound healing problems, you should follow some rules after the procedure. These include Physical rest and avoidance of friction. during the first six weeks after the procedure. During this time, patients should generally avoid sports and wearing tight clothing that could chafe the intimate area. Patients should also avoid sex for the first two to four weeks after the procedure. In addition, women should avoid contact with shower or bath oils immediately after the procedure and instead wash the intimate area exclusively with soap or conventional shower gel. Tampons can be used again about six weeks after the procedure.

In the Plastic Surgery Practice Dr. Bernard it is important that patients do not feel shame despite the sensitive topic. If complications arise after labia reduction because areas in the genital area become inflamed, do not heal properly or are excessively painful, patients should contact the practice with this immediately. The intimate area is also examined regularly after surgery to monitor the healing process and take corrective action if necessary. Experience has shown that operations in the intimate area heal very inconspicuously in the vast majority of cases. Since labia have no skin tension, the scars usually heal without complications and are almost invisible on the skin.