Plastic surgery in winter – Why they are useful now

From liposuction and eyelid lifts to breast augmentation and lip sculpting, cosmetic surgery is in demand in this country and enjoying ever-increasing popularity. Even in turbulent times, such as the current corona pandemic, the demand for aesthetic surgery remains consistently high. According to the VDÄPC (Association of German Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), the focus is primarily on beautification of the cheeks, nose and mouth, as well as eyelid lifts. Even minor procedures are a risk and require forward planning. In addition to allowing sufficient time for healing processes, choosing the right time also plays a key role. But which procedures benefit from being performed in winter and what are the reasons for this?

Advantages of aesthetic plastic surgery during the cold season

Whether it is wrinkle injection or abdominoplasty, in principle, nothing stands in the way of performing the operation at any time of the year. Nevertheless, there are some procedures that are suitable in the cold climatic conditions of winter. These include liposuctions. For aftercare, it is often obligatory to wear a bodice for compression, which can be easily concealed by thick winter clothing and is more comfortable to wear in winter than in hot temperatures. In addition the mild temperatures can promote healing processes and accelerate recovery accelerate. Also, direct sunlight, which should be avoided for treated areas, is less intense due to the shallow angle of incidence of the sun and is easier to avoid.

Older patients in particular suffer from circulatory problems during hot spells, which are an additional strain on the organism in the wake of a previous operation. Moreover, the vessels open up in greater heat, and wound healing is slowed and impaired. Dust and sweat carry pathogens into sensitive treated areas and promote the development of inflammatory processes. Last but not least, patients find it easier to focus on healing processes and their recovery in the quiet winter time. This means that the results can be enjoyed to the full during the coming summer vacation.

For which treatments is the winter period particularly suitable?

Especially Operations to tighten the breast, thigh, abdominal wall or upper arms. are performed on patients in combination with liposuction popular. The desire for a more aesthetic silhouette and the elimination of personal problem areas cannot always be achieved through a healthy lifestyle and natural weight reduction alone. – In the course of liposuction, excess fat cells and the surrounding skin tissue are removed, resulting in a harmonious overall appearance. Moreover, minimally invasive procedures such as wrinkle treatments with Botox or hyaluron can also be performed without any problems.

In general Beauty treatments in all facial areas can be performed during the winter period. Among other things, treatments such as eyelid corrections, nose beautification or neck lifts can be performed. During the cold days and holidays, patients usually stay indoors, so any bruising or swelling that develops is less noticeable in public. Scarves or caps help to conceal areas that are initially more affected, as it is not uncommon for facelifts to be accompanied by severe initial hematoma formation.

Arguments against cosmetic surgery in winter

The right timing of an operation is crucial for follow-up care with few complications. For example, corrections of the nose region are counterproductive for allergy sufferers in the peak season of hay fever.

When the summer is over and autumn arrives in the country, this is often accompanied by a rapid spread of common infectious diseases. Primarily in the cold, wet environment that winter brings, influenza epidemics are rampant and put a strain on the already strained immune system. If the immune system is already weakened by previous operations, the risk of more serious infections increases.

Talking to the doctor and taking a careful medical history is therefore a fundamental core element for eliminating unnecessary risks before an operation.

Cosmetic surgery in winter – also in your practice in Munich

The practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery run by Dr. Bernard in Munich offers operations all year round. In addition to minimally invasive procedures such as wrinkle treatment or wrinkle injections, the practice’s services include breast surgery, eyelid lifts or laser treatments for permanent hair removal.

Even though some cosmetic operations and external circumstances such as wearing compression underwear or thick, concealing clothing speak in favor of treatment in winter, for Dr. Bernard it is above all important that the decision for treatment fits into the lives of her patients*, in terms of work, children, sports, etc. If you have any questions or suggestions, Ms.. Dr. Bernard will be happy to advise you competently and in detail about your desired treatments.