Plasmage instead of scalpel

Minimally invasive treatments for skin rejuvenation are booming. Relatively new is the so-called Plasma Lifting also called plasmage. It is mainly used for Eyelid lift but also used against wrinkles.

From Droopy eyelids millions of women and men are affected. A blemish? Especially when the movable part of the eyelid is barely visible, many suffer from the tired look. The innovative Plasmage method should make eyelid lifting unnecessary in many cases.

Eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and when it comes to attractiveness, they are at the top of the list. The skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, which is why small Wrinkles or Fatigue symptoms show here first. Some people also suffer from drooping eyelids at a young age, which is why eyelid lifts are one of the most common procedures in aesthetic medicine. Now promises a non-invasive method Remedy without a scalpel. Plasmage is the name of the minimally invasive eyelid lift.

Here’s how it works: a special form of energy is delivered through the plasmage device as a kind of Plasma beamwhich can be compared to a miniature thunderbolt, is transferred to the surface of the skin. This makes it possible, excess skin reduce with very high precision. At the same time, the plasma stimulates natural healing processes that additionally tighten the eyelids.

Eyelid lifting with plasmage

“Plasma has long been used in medicine for surgical procedures because of its sterilizing properties and is relatively risk-free“, explains dermatologist Dr. Tatiana von Bayern with practice in Munich. She emphasizes that the treatment is particularly suitable for young patients whose excess skin in the eyelid area is not yet very pronounced. “Many of my patients see plasmage as a Preventive measure which can be used to avoid future invasive procedures,” says the dermatologist.

The Treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and, if desired, under local anesthesia. It must be performed with a Downtime of up to seven days can be expected. The method is suitable as an alternative to surgical eyelid lifting in cases of mild findings or when surgery is not desired. Usually the treatment is necessary only once, but it can be repeated after four weeks. The Result can be seen after about ten days. (Cost about 950 euros).

Plasmage against wrinkles

The novel plasmage device is also used to treat wrinkles on the face, hands or neck. As the plasma causes tiny wounds in the surface of the skin, growth factors are released during the healing process, which in turn stimulate collagen formation. The skin tightens from the inside out. The procedure is also used to remove benign skin lesions, moles, pigmentation marks or stretch marks. Cost depending on the area from about 500 euros.