Pimp my Instagram photo – Be beautiful like an Instagram model?!

Beautiful faces gazing dreamily at the open sea, lips coated in lip gloss and glistening sensuously in a selfie, and flawless bodies reclining expertly in the passenger seat of a luxury car. That probably describes the popular social media platform Instagram best. In the meantime, what we once only knew from the glossy magazines of the fashion and beauty world has made its way into our everyday lives – at least in the virtual version. It’s not for nothing that Instagram is known as the playground for the beautiful, flawless and perfect of – watch out – normal people! The perfect face smiling at us in an Instagram photo is no longer that of a famous model, but often that of a former classmate, a fellow student or even the annoying neighbor from the house next door. But what exactly makes the world of Instagram with all its so-called virtual Instagram models so attractive? And why do real people want to look like their virtual role models?

More appearance than reality – The life of an Instagram model

Staging – almost everything presented on Instagram takes place under this motto! Many of the catalog-like promotional photos are hard work and the work of a combination of an extensive collection of tips and tricks. The spontaneous snapshot on the beach, in which a seemingly flawless woman gazes dreamily at the sunset while the sea breeze blows through her slightly wavy “beach hair,” is thus often not as spontaneous as it seems at first glance.

How the Instagram snapshot works

But how do earlier family photos with dark circles under the eyes, clutter in the background and hip flab become real Instagram highlights? Here are the best tips so you know what really matters in a “Pimp my Instagram photo”!

1. long Instagram legs lie very well

Thighs that stick together often look wider in photos than they actually are. If you bend your thighs slightly when lying down or put one leg in front of the other, you not only narrow your legs, but also make them look longer.

2. always sit on the longer lever

The same rule applies to the arms! An arm at the hip stretches it visually and thus often looks slimmer than one that simply dangles down next to the body.

3. delete the duckface from the face

The days when the “duckface” was one of the most popular poses are over! However, this doesn’t mean that we haven’t learned anything from the duck-like kissing mouth. Lips that are slightly puckered on a selfie – in moderation, please – actually appear to be particularly full and sensual. So-called lip plumpers, such as the Lipbooster from M1 SELECT give lips a natural push-up effect and ensure the perfect pout. This is how you set your lips perfectly in scene for the Instagram photo!

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