Pigment spots after sunburn – unsightly vacation souvenir

Extensive sunbathing is an indispensable part of summer vacations for most people. The tanning of the skin that accompanies these is also enjoyed. After returning home, however, the tan usually disappears again quite quickly. In the worst case, individual pigment spots remain. This “Holiday souvenir” is harmless in the first place. From an aesthetic point of view, however, it is anything but desirable.

How do these pigment spots develop?

As the name suggests, these are “Stains from pigments”. Pigments are deposited in the skin to color it. Under UV irradiation, the pigment is Melanin is formed. This ensures that the skin turns brown as a result of sunbathing.

The more Melanin is formed in the cells of the skin, the browner we become. In principle, the formation of large quantities of this substance can therefore be welcomed.

However, since the human body is not a precisely working machine, it happens that some cells more Melanin than others. These cells, which store more “dye”, are responsible for the formation of the pigment spots.

Initially, the Hyperpigmentation of individual skin areas is not noticeable. However, if the general tan of the skin subsides, the excessively pigmented areas become clearly visible. Meanwhile, the development is favored by some factors.

These include, among others. Taking the contraceptive pill and the Taking St. John’s wort. Persons taking these medications should therefore make sure that their skin is adequately protectedto avoid unsightly pigment spots. Pigment spots mostly occur in areas that are particularly exposed to the sun.

Prevention and therapy

The therapy of such stains is much more complex than prevention. Who Sun creams with a sufficiently high sun protection factor usually protects itself effectively against excessive pigmentation of individual areas of the skin. The less UV light that reaches the skin, the weaker the tanning of the skin. The risk of sunburn is also greatly reduced by the use of sunscreen.

The therapy of the spots is much more difficult. – However, it is not impossible. Especially women are bothered by a Hyperpigmentation of individual skin areas. They resort to bleaching creams and chemical peels to eliminate the pigment spot. Such an approach is not recommended. The affected skin area is strongly irritated by the application of such creams and peelings. In the worst case, severe irritation can cause the spot to become even darker.

For this reason, such self-treatment should be refrained from. Gentler creams that do not contain bleaching agents are now available on the market. Instead, they work with yeast extracts, for example.

Gentle creams can certainly be applied to smaller pigment spots to achieve an improvement. However, those who many or strongly pronounced pigment spots brings back from vacation, can not avoid medical treatment. With the help of a laser such as the Flash lamp BBL (Broad Band Light), which is used in the practice of Dr. med. Martha Bernard, the disturbing stains effectively removed can be removed. However, this is not necessary in every case. Under certain circumstances, the prescription of a cream or peeling is already sufficient. However, this can only be decided by a specialist.