Pigment spots adé with cryopeeling

When the problem with my pigment spots, for which I have searched for umpteen solutions over the years and never found them, finally goes away – then it is worth a little joy…

I have it every day. Every time I look in the mirror. Because what I see there is a face without noticeable pigment spots. Here is the second part of my treatment story.

The treatment with the Tixel is followed by a selective icing of the Residual pigment disorders with the help of “liquid gas (actually liquid nitrogen), a so-called Cryopeeling. The procedure ensures targeted, selective removal of pigment-discolored stains. The epidermis is shock-frozen, resulting in the formation of blisters that are scabbed over and then fall off. Youthfully smooth, undiscolored skin grows back underneath – as long as the patient follows all the doctor’s instructions and, for example, does NOT pick at the scab when it begins to peel off.

Two weeks after complete healing – by now I was often praised for my choice of sun hat – Dr. Susanna Meier and I then fired up stage two and pulled out the liquid gas. The Treatment does not hurt. However, on day two and also on the third day I did not go out among people. The blisters could not be overlooked – so a weekend treatment is basically a great idea. Even after this treatment, everything was healed after just under two weeks.

That both procedures required absolute protection from the sun for several weeks – and both before and at least six weeks after) goes without saying. I would like to emphasize nevertheless urgently that (particularly in the summer!) for some weeks a sun hat plus sun cream with SPF 50 are an absolute must.

With cold against pigment spots

Heard during and even longer after healing SPF 50 but absolutely to the care routine. And also for the cryopeeling applies: NEVER, NEVER prick the bubbles or pick at the scab. The scab must really come off completely on its own so that the healing underneath can take place optimally. The Result but really worth the discipline!

For after five years in different institutes – with two IPL treatments (2013, approx. 400 euros each), a Dermapen treatment (2014, around 400 euros), a salon-exclusive Vegetable peelingseries (2015, around 400 euros) and finally a low-dose Laser treatment (2017, approx. 600 Euro), where three different erbium and Fraxel lasers did a pretty good job – thanks to these two treatments finally went my Pigment odyssey comes to an end. And even with a double happy ending. Because the other day a dermatologist asked me my age. And was completely flabbergasted when I revealed it. So – goal achieved – I can not only do without camouflage in the future, but also rejoice in the fact that, thanks to the sustainable Tixel effect collagen regeneration also look younger and fresher!

Fact check Tixel:

A Full Face Treatment for example for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle smoothing incl. injection of non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid by means of a mask directly after the treatment costs at Dr. Meier about 450 Euro. The Downtime depends on the treatment intensity and the individual wound healing. Ideally, you should choose a weekend treatment or a few days’ vacation, then the skin can heal in peace before you go out again. With a little Makeup and camouflage-But it is possible after 3 or 4 days. On the 1st day after treatment, swelling may occur – but it did not happen in my case. My tips: Drink a lot, a lot of rest, absolute shade.

Fact Check Cryopeeling:

The Duration of the treatment depends on the number of discolorations. The treatment is rather cheap – the cost depends on the number of spots to be treated. Per stain, I had to be iced twice during the procedure – the process took about 20 minutes and cost 150 euros. The Downtime is a bit higher than with the Tixel: The bubbles need time to flatten. That was with me after about 5 days the case. However, since I have very understanding bosses, I went to work during that time … scabs are simply less easy to conceal. About 1-week vacation from friends and socializing was absolutely worth the result for me. Tip: The more rest the body has, the faster it can complete its healing processes!

Text: Alke von Kruszynski

Lead image: Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash