Phenol peeling instead of lifting ? Experiences and costs

What helps against deep wrinkles? Is there an alternative to a facelift? Peeling instead of a scalpel? Can a peeling also turn back time and make you up to 15 years younger? And how does a phenol peel work? Questions upon questions. Answers to experiences and costs of a phenol peel from a proven expert.

Peels are experiencing a revival. The strongest peel with maximum effect is the phenol peel. Although it does not require any incisions, it is performed like a facelift under anesthesia and belongs only in the hands of experienced doctors. Facial surgeon Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler explains how it works in a PODCAST interview.

When time leaves its mark on the cheeks, chinline and neck, minimally invasive treatments don’t always help. Crucial to the success of invasive treatment is the skill of the physician. Do phenol peels have what it takes to replace costly lifts?

Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler, clarifies: “This peeling unfolds its effect right into the subcutaneous tissue and therefore causes a complete skin renewal. To keep pain to a minimum, it should therefore be performed during twilight sleep anesthesia.”

Complete skin renewal through phenol peeling.

This sounds like an elaborate, invasive procedure. “That’s right, to successfully perform a phenol peel the treating physician needs a lot of experience and know-how.” That’s why this is the right thing to do in the hands of a facial surgeon. His father was already a pioneer in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery, and today Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler himself is a renowned and internationally known physician with a practice in Basel and a clinic in Freiburg.

What can be achieved with a phenol peel has fascinated the surgeon and he is a real pioneer and specialist for this treatment in German-speaking countries. For whom is the sustainable treatment suitable? “It is particularly effective against wrinkles and fine lines, light-damaged skin and pigment spots,” explains Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler in the PODCAST interview.

Experience with Phenol Peeling

A peculiarity of the treatment is that it requires a longer preparation: at least four to six weeks before the procedure, the skin should be provided with antioxidants, bleaching agents and creams containing retinol. “The better the preparation of the skin, the more intense the effect of the peeling,” notes the expert.

During the treatment itself, the doctor applies the phenol solution, the intensity of which has previously been precisely adjusted to individual needs. The face is then covered with a special plaster bandage for 24 hours, after which an antiseptic powder mask is applied. The face is very swollen at the beginning.

The first phase of skin regeneration is completed only after about a week and then the mask comes off. Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler even recommends a stay in the clinic for this reason. That sounds like a very invasive treatment. “Indeed it is,” explains the doctor “with a complete facial treatment, you have to reckon with up to three weeks of downtime, and only after six to eight weeks are the last redness and swelling usually gone.”

The entire healing process is complete after about six months, she said, and sunscreen is an absolute must during those six months. However, in the experience of Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler, who has been performing phenol peels in his clinic since 2001, the results are sensational: “Every face looks 10 to 15 years younger as a result of the peel, no matter how deep the wrinkles in the face were before. The result lasts for many years.”

Costs and risks of phenol peeling

What are the risks and side effects? “The main risks and side effects of phenol peeling include prolonged redness, pigmentary changes and wound healing problems that can even cause scars,” says Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler.

And how is it different from a lift? “With a facelift, you can perfectly correct the contours in the face but it does not rejuvenate the skin itself. In addition, the natural facial expression is completely preserved after a peel,” says Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler. Costs from 7,000 euros for a complete facial peel.

In all consistency, Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler has now also developed his own Medical Skincare concept with his expertise. More about this soon in a Top Topic.

Photos: Shutterstock, Dr. Muggenthaler