Permanently smooth baby skin – What methods of hair removal promise long-term success?

The well-groomed, modern woman makes a point of regularly removing annoying hair on her body. Here are meant primarily calves and armpits, in summer the bikini area and in case of a stronger hair growth in some cases also an unsightly facial hair, such as strong eyebrow growth or the dreaded lady’s beard.

For women today, regular depilation is as much a part of personal hygiene as brushing teeth and skin care. In the following, we would like to present the common methods with their advantages and disadvantages in more detail and, above all, the Durability of the individual methods in more detail.

Hair removal at home – the methods

The wet shave

A quick, relatively simple and widely used method is still the wet shave. Many women shave calves and armpits during the daily shower procedure. There are special wet razors for women’s shaving from various brands, which are designed to glide gently over the sensitive skin areas and are ergonomically shaped so that they adapt well to the body shapes. It is always recommended to use shaving gel or foam, so as not to irritate the skin too much and prevent it from drying out.

Wet shaving is quick to apply and with a little practice it works well. However, there is always a certain risk of minor cuts given and redness is not excluded in the case of particularly sensitive skin. The wet shave strains the skin and is not suitable for every skin type.

The results usually last only 1 to 2 days. Depending on the thickness of the body hair and its color, the first regrowing hairs can already be felt or seen the following day. The effect of a baby smooth skin is very short-lived and wet shaving produces lasting results only if it is repeated regularly at short intervals.

Depilatory creams

Depilatory creams work on the basis of the Thioglycolic acid, which dissolves the keratin as an important hair component and thus dissolves the hairs out of the skin. Depilatory creams remain on the skin for about 10 minutes and are then removed with a spatula or scraper.

When hair is removed with depilatory creams, although it produces no strong mechanical irritation as with the wet razor, but thioglycolic acid also irritates the skin and is therefore often not tolerated by women with very sensitive skin.

However, the depilation lasts 3 to 7 days before the hair grows back.

Hair removal with wax

Hair removal with wax is definitely thorough and lasts a relatively long time. With proper use, you can expect to be hair-free for about 2 to 4 weeks.

However, the procedure is laborious, it is stressful for the skin and not suitable for women with particularly sensitive skin.

Basically, there are cold wax and warm wax for hair removal.

With the Warm Wax Method the wax must first be heated in a water bath before application. The liquid wax is then applied to the areas to be depilated and pulled off jerkily with a cloth or plastic strip. The hairs are pulled out and remain in the wax strip. Wax residue on the skin can be removed with substances containing oil. Although removal with wax is time-consuming and not painless, it is very effective.

Application over a long period of time may result in less hair regrowth, or some may not grow back at all. However, the skin is also irritated by this procedure and must be particularly intensively cared for after each application.

Hair removal with the epilator

Epilators are electronic devices that use many fine tweezers to pluck hair from the skin. They are available in different variants and are equipped with many a technical refinement that makes the plucking process more comfortable for the skin. less irritating makes. However, they are only good to use when the hairs already have a certain length must have reached a certain length (approx. 0.5 to 1 cm), otherwise the tweezers cannot grip the hairs.

The results are quite permanent – you can expect to be hair-free for about 2 to 4 weeks. However, epilators work not quite as effective and accurateso that it is often necessary to work on the hairy areas several times and remove residual hair with the razor. The method is better or worse tolerated by the skin depending on skin sensitivity.

The permanent, professional hair removal with the Laser or the BBL (Broad Band Light)

A really permanent depilation promises treatment by means of a laser or a flash lamp (BBL or IPL), which is also used in the Giessler plastic and aesthetic surgery practice. Hair removal with laser is performed here professionally and on an outpatient basis in the practice. It can remove the disturbing hair forever if treated properly. The laser can be used to precisely and safely remove both underarm and leg hair, as well as hair in particularly sensitive areas, such as the upper lip or eyebrows.

What is used in this process are so-called Diode lasers or flash lamps, which are applied to the individual skin and hair type can be adjusted. Depending on the type, the hair follicles can be embedded in the skin to different depths.

For laser treatment, the skin areas to be treated must be shaved beforehand. Through the laser, the hair is released from the root. The treatment is not entirely painless, as the laser generates heat. However, this is largely neutralized by special cooling systems for the skin, so that there is no risk of burns or injury.

Treatment with the laser must step by step can be done. Only the hairs that are currently in a growth phase can be permanently removed. Here it is assumed that with one treatment approx. 20 – 30 % of the hairs of the affected area are currently in this phase. The remaining hairs are in a resting or transitional phase at this time and cannot be permanently removed. Thus several treatment sections necessary, as other areas of the hair root only become active again after approx. 8 – 10 weeks. Overall, laser treatment therefore requires various treatment sessions over a longer period of time in order to be able to remove all hairs in their active growth phase at the end.

Laser treatment is a longer process that is also not entirely inexpensive. However, it promises a definitive hair removal.

Through the laser treatment the hair roots are thermally damaged and can no longer produce hair. It is possible that hair roots exist under the skin that do not currently produce hair and are only activated by, for example, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Therefore, it may be necessary to re-treat when hair roots become active again due to a hormonal change.