Permanent hair removal – so it will be a smooth success

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Most women would love to do without annoying body hair. Unfortunately, the smooth result after the common methods of hair removal such as epilation or shaving is only short-lived. If you want to get rid of annoying hairs on your legs or in the bikini line for good, laser therapy is the method of choice.

The treatment is based on a physical trick: the light pulse sent by the laser to the skin reaches the hair root via the hair. There, the energy is converted into heat, which destroys the growth cells in the hair root. The laser energy is absorbed by the hair pigment, melanin. The darker the hair, the better. Now there is a laser innovation with a melanin measuring device.

According to Dr. Nicola Otte of Dermatologikum in Hamburg, the new Vectus diode laser is particularly effective: “The laser is very efficient. The surrounding skin can cool down between the individual pulses and thus remains optimally protected. In addition, the new Vectus laser is equipped with ‘Skintel’. This is the only melanin measuring device approved by the strict U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” The Vectus Laser is equipped with two applicators of different sizes, which is why large-area treatments are possible.

Important before and after hair removal

At the beginning of every professional treatment is a detailed consultation and a sound analysis of the skin and hair. The skin should not be tanned if possible because of the increased melanin. It is also best to avoid the sun for four to six weeks after the treatment and use body creams with UV protection.

Side effects:

You feel the treatment like very light pinpricks. Afterwards, the skin may become red and slightly swollen for a short time.

Suitable for:

So far, the best results are achieved on fair skin types with dark hair color. So a Snow White complexion would be perfect. “Fortunately, thanks to Vectus, all hair types can now be treated well,” says Dr. Otte.


The hairs are permanently removed. If they grow back sporadically, the treatment can be repeated.


Depending on the body region from 150 euros.

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