Perfume – the secret of fragrances

Perfumes are not only valuable last-minute gifts. Fragrances are also the simplest and fastest-acting anti-aging remedy. Says the American researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch from Chicago. And he should know: He explores the secrets of fragrances – how they work, who they affect, what emotions they trigger and whether, for example, the seasons with sun, warmth, cold or rain influence the perception of perfume.

Thanks to Dr. Alan Hirsch, we know: Whoever uses the right perfume will be perceived by his environment years younger. By up to 6 years and more. What must be in an anti-aging perfume: In winter, essential oils of spices and scents such as musk, leather or woody notes. In summer, grapefruit and all fragrances with citrus aromas. .

The reason for the lightning-fast rejuvenation program from the bottle, says Dr. Hirsch, is something like a Pavlovian reflex: “The brain associates certain smells with alertness, energy, youth and sexuality.” And these are precisely the emotions that a perfume with the right ingredients triggers in those around it – no matter what the wearer’s birth certificate says.

And in more welcome news, Dr. Hirsch also researched what effect perfume has on visual perception. Listen and be amazed: Perfume makes us look a good 5 kg slimmer. Provided that a floral aroma is included. However, this fragrant slimming effect works only for men, for women no pound melts away despite the right perfume…

From left to right: “Californian Poppy” brings instant summer mood with jasmine, pink pepper and organgen flowers. By Atkinson (EdP, 100 ml, 116 euros), “Ultimate K’Oud 75214” with cardamom, cedarwood and white musk by Krigler (EdP, 480€ / 50ml or 690€ / 100m), “Féminité du Bois” with cedar, clove and cinnamon by Serge Lutens (EdP spray, 50 ml, 120 euros).

From left to right: “Nero Donna” with a composition of several woods, saffron and oud by Acqua di Baviera (EdP,100 ml, 120 euros), “Ombré Leather” with white moss, cardamom and black leather by Tom Ford (EdP, 50 ml, 104 euros), “Iris Nazarena” with incense, musk and juniper berries by Aedes de Venustas (EdP, 100 ml, 220 euros).

Text: Conny Eyssen, Photos: PR