Perfect Lips – 5 facts about our lips

Whether for kissing, eating or speaking, lips are an important part of the human face. Moreover, without our lips, the face would look quite strange. There are many interesting facts about lips, so we’ve picked out five amazing ones that are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

#1 Lips help in choosing a partner

Kissing without lips is impossible. Scientists believe that kissing plays a key role in mate selection. This is because placing the lips on each other in this process brings potential partners close enough to their own bodies to exchange biological information. Thus, the body odor as well as the pheromones of the other can be perceived.

#2 More is more

The size of lips plays an important role for many when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. Especially men prefer women with large and voluminous lips. Conversely, women tend to prefer the men who have medium sized lips.

#3 Red lips can make you rich

Wearing red lipstick makes women more attractive to men, as it makes a woman’s face look more sensual. Red lips can therefore literally pay off for women, as a study from France shows: sociologists found that waitresses who wear red lipstick get more tips – but only from male customers. However, the waitresses’ red lipstick had no effect on female customers.

#4 Blood is the reason for the red coloration of the lips

The skin of the lips is thinner than that of other parts of the body, consisting of three to five layers of cells instead of 16. Thinner skin means that the blood vessels underneath are easier to see. Thus, our lips are redder than the rest of the skin for this very reason. This effect is more pronounced in people with a fair complexion than in those with a darker skin tone.

#5 The lips become narrower with age

In part, lips get their shape from collagen. As the body ages, it produces less of this important protein, causing lips to begin to lose volume. Another factor that contributes to volume loss in the lips is ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays. Therefore, sun protection should not be omitted from the lips either. If the lips have already lost volume, are sunken or even form wrinkles, a treatment of the lips with hyaluronic acid can be considered. Here, the body’s own substance hyaluron is injected into the lips with a fine needle. The movement and feeling of the lips is not affected and the natural shape can be preserved.

Our doctors will be happy to advise you in a detailed consultation on all injection techniques and products for lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid!