Perfect double – laser instead of hyaluron

Beautiful, full lips are the epitome of femininity. An appealing smile is an important attractiveness feature for most people and is at the top of the Beauty Doc’s wish list. But what exactly should perfect, beautiful lips look like?

The most important question on this topic is: how big should a woman’s lips ideally be? Plastic surgeons from the USA have devoted themselves to this topic in a recent study. With exciting and surprising results.

It was investigated whether fullness and size of the lips are decisive as characteristics for beautiful lips. To do this, the doctors showed test subjects pictures of lips that had been enlarged and reduced in size via image processing. An interesting result: if the lips are too luscious, this tends to be evaluated with rejection. Injected inflatable lips from the beauty doc are as outdated as shoulder pads in fashion or mini plies at the hairdresser. A plea for naturally beautiful lips!

Beautiful lips thanks to laser

Dermatologist Dr. Darius Alamouti uses a new procedure with a CO2 laser to ensure that lips do not appear artificially puckered. For this purpose, the desired lip shape is processed with a special line drawing and lasered in one or more sessions under local anesthesia.

Lip wrinkles disappear

The number of treatments depends on the connective tissue of the individual patient. The skin can contract up to three millimeters, depending on whether the effect should be larger or smaller. Think of it this way, explains Dr. Alamouti: “During treatment, the affected area of the lips is bombarded with the laser and then contracts evenly.

Since the CO2 laser achieves the strongest shrinking (shrinking of the skin) per shot, work can be performed with pinpoint accuracy. Wrinkles around the mouth are softened and the upper lip appears more curved.”

The Downtime is about one week.

SIDE EFFECTS: Redness is visible for up to six weeks, but can be easily made over.

The RESULT is permanent.

COST about 800 Euro.

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