PDO Thread Lifting / PDO Threads – Fighting wrinkles without surgery (only minimally invasive)

Fight wrinkles with a minimally invasive procedure? It is possible. The PDO thread lift is provided by professional providers and enables you to alleviate wrinkles and Your skin a smooth surface to give your skin a smooth surface. But how exactly does this work and for which indications is the work with PDO threads suitable?

What is behind PDO thread lifting?

PDO thread lifting is a procedure that achieves densification as well as tightening of the skin. The application is considered to be as innovative as it is gentle and is performed in a minimally invasive manner. In aesthetic medicine, it is increasingly about, achieving the highest possible effects with gentle interventions.

During the procedure, small sutures are inserted individually into the subcutaneous fat tissue. A small needle is used for this purpose. The threads are supposed to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the body. The effect is firmer skin. The tissue itself is thus returned to the position in which it was previously.

The goal is to achieve a Lifting effect to be achievedHowever, this effect is not artificial, but appealing and natural. Meso threads are used in the treatment. These are designed so that the body completely degrades the threads over a period of around nine months.

Interesting: Unlike implants, meso-sutures are not expected to cause a defensive reaction from the body.

You are planning a Combination with further methodssuch as the use of derma fillers? This is usually possible without any problems with the PDO thread technique.

When is a PDO thread lift suitable?

As with many aesthetic surgery procedures and applications, there are some indications for PDO thread lift that are particularly suitable. In a comprehensive consultation with an expert will be examined, whether your skin has one or more of the indications. These include:

  • You have a very thin skin.
  • Your cheeks are sagging.
  • Your lower eyelids are droopy.
  • You suffer from dark circles under your eyes.
  • Your facial skin generally looks very flabby.
  • Your neck area hangs.

These are indications that your skin is losing elasticity. Therefore, the following effects can be achieved through the use of a PDO thread lift:

  • Your skin becomes firmer and denser.
  • Your cheekbones look natural and strong.
  • Your facial contours are underlined again.
  • Your eye area looks fresher.
  • Your skin elasticity is increased.
  • Your skin gets a natural volume.
  • Your collagen production is stimulated.

What are the advantages of a thread lift?

With many surgical procedures or treatments from the aesthetic field, it is the case that you are restricted for a certain time afterwards and the desired effect only occurs after a few weeks.

PDO thread lifting, on the other hand, is a procedure that offers several advantages and is therefore also well suited as an appointment in between:

  1. The lifting effect occurs very quickly and is clearly visible.
  2. The pinholes are small and your skin recovers so quickly.
  3. It comes not the formation of scars.
  4. The threads stimulate the natural production of collagen.
  5. A natural effect is achieved.
  6. You have no downtime.

The natural effect is a particularly big advantage, because in some aesthetic procedures the effect can affect the naturalness.

What is important to know about PDO threads?

PDO threads are made of polydioxanone. Through the use of a small needle, they are inserted into your subcutaneous fat tissue. The polydioxanone ensures that the fibroblasts are stimulated, to produce more collagen and support the connective tissue. The threads themselves are provided in various designs.

Which of the threads will be used in your treatment is always determined individually by the expert. Among other things, this depends on the size you need. That is why it is important to get comprehensive advice beforehand.

What else is important in relation to the PDO thread lift?

Of course, the interesting question for you is when the first results will show after the treatment. With this treatment it is so that the first results are visible even directly after the treatment are visible. However, the full effect unfolds only after up to eight weeks.

The reason for this is that your skin first needs to produce new collagen and for this it needs some time. In the course of eight weeks, it will look much smoother, fuller, healthier and more natural.

Also the Durability of the results is relevant. Your body needs about nine months to break down the stitches. That means the results last stable for up to nine months. Depending on how quickly your body breaks down the material and how many sutures are pulled, it can be up to 18 months hold.

How many sutures are generally used depends on the area of the body and also on the sutures used. For example, there are designs that have barbs. Here are enough sometimes already two to three threads for the desired effect.

In contrast, to implement skin thickening with smooth threads, an average of 20 to 25 threads are used.

Conclusion – PDO thread lifting with PDO threads has different areas of application

The desire for smooth skin does not always have to be accompanied by a surgical lift. There is also the solution of opting for PDO thread lifting. Here, only a minor procedure is necessary, as fine needles are used to insert threads into your subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Precisely because it is a small procedure, the risks are also low. Another advantage is that you can combine the procedure with other treatments for the care and tightening of your skin.

FAQ – PDO thread lifting

What are the risks?

The PDO sutures are actually said to be well tolerated. It can rarely happen that after the treatment you will have a small feeling of tension you feel. However, this will subside after a few days. The formation of small hematomas may also occur.

Can I do anything after the treatment?

You will have very little downtime after a PDO thread lift. Nevertheless, the recommendation is not to go to the swimming pool or sauna for a few days after the treatment and also not to use the Reduce sports significantly. This will help your body to regenerate.

In which areas can PDO thread lifting be used?

A major advantage with this treatment is that it can be used in a variety of areas. These include the eye and cheek area, the corners of the mouth and neck, the nasolabial folds, the abdomen and also the upper arms.